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Epsom salt (or magnesium sulphate) has been hailed as a magical salt for ages. They're so big that they even have their own council..... The Epsom Salt Council. Now I also see a lot of pins on Pinterest for it's various uses and after a while decided to try one the most popular uses for this salt, which is the Epsom salt bath. 

It was a  long day, I was super tired, my back was hurting, and my muscles were tight. Ran the bath, added the salt and slid in. 15 mins later and OMG; it was magical. Everything felt better. like everything. I felt stupid for not trying it sooner. My body felt so relaxed, all the tightness gone. Since then, it's something I've been doing at least once a week and pretty much everynight when I've been home during the week (no bathtub at uni so I have to wait till am home).  You must try this if you have a bath tub. 

Epsom salt bath

Your body can't absorb a lot of things through your skin but magnesium sulphates are one of the few minerals that can be absorbed. This is thought to "detox" your body and draw out toxins and also soothe and relax your muscles. It helps with soreness, stiffness and tightness. 

So if you have a bath tub, go grab a tub of of Epsom salt (available from any pharmacies, or amazon), and run yourself a bath. It is probably the best thing you'll discover this year (It's THAT  good, I promise). It's especially amazing after a workout, or just a long day when you feel like you need a massage. As an added bonus you get pretty great sleep after this bath. So great for us insomniacs. 

Epsom salt bath


Run a hot bath, as hot as you can tolerate 
Add the Epsom salts (I use between half the tub of salt to the whole tub, depending on my level of tiredness)
Add some drops of essential oils (I love the combination of lemon and geranium)
If you have dry skin then add  a tablespoon of an oil of your choice (I prefer almond) 
Light a candle, and throw in some flowers (totally optional)
Sink in the water and enjoy! 

 For added benefits of super soft and smooth skin, use a dry body brush and then jump in! 

Next on my list to try are is the volumising hair mask with Epsom salt; where you add the salt to your conditioner and apply to your hair for 20 minutes. This is supposed to not only volumise your hair, but also reduce frizz and repair damaged hair. You can never have big enough hair in my opinion :) 


  1. Sound interesting. .will get it soon..
    Nice review

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  2. Sounds fab! I have a tub of Epsom salt that I didn't know what to do with, a tub in my bathroom and a tired body. Perfect :)

    1. Take a long hot bath! Honestly your body will feel awesome! Or you could drink some of you're constipated. Tastes disgusting though!


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