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Kayennat's Current Loves: January

 It's been pretty cold here although not as cold as previous years but  cold enough to have to use the central heating to warm up the house. While the central heating is an awesome system which leaves you nice and cosy, it wreaks havoc with my hair and skin and lips. Totally dried me out. I've gone from a grape to a raisin. 
Ok maybe not so bad, but you get the idea! 
So totally been loving anything that makes me look and feel more normal: 

Beauty and Skincare Loves

Oils; any kind. For my skin, hair, cuticles, feet
Blistex Relief Cream
Epsom Salt baths: omg this is a new discovery for me and I wish I'd discovered it sooner 
(will do a full blog post on this as it is THAT amazing)
hazelnut oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, almond oil, epsom salt bath, blistex reflief cream

Ombre hair; I absolutely love ombre hair and I know many people can't stand 2 tone hair, but I love love love it. If you follow us on Instagram you'll know I was bleaching my hair to  have ombre my hair again. Totally loving it.

ombre on indian hair, bleach london hair bleach,desi hair ombre

Other Loves 

I have started working out again after a long hiatus

Squats (just finished a 30 days squats challenge at the end of which I did 250 squats, which is awesome as I started off with only 50 on the first day)
30 days squats and wall squats challenge
Coconut water 
Herbal Tea: Green tea chai and Chamomile

green tea chai, camomile tea, coconut water
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Non- Loves of the year...

The rain needs to kind of stop now, I've been getting absolutely drenched everyday 
Having to tie my hair in a braid as it's so rainy and windy; tied hair really annoys me

 Current Book...

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez 
(Just finished this book while it was by no means an earth shattering must read, it was an easy and enjoyable read; 3 out of 5 stars)

Current Song 

This song is totally stupid and I am ashamed to admit to listening to it but hearing it has got me all pumped up for summer! 

What are some of your current loves and non loves 
Anyone read any books that are mind blowing? 


  1. I know! such a stupid song but we all are ashamed to be listening to it! by the way, since you are into oils a lot, is there anyway to know the genuineness of olive oil? In India, we have pretty limited variety, i use figaro.

    1. That is a tough one! I only recently read an article about how a lot of olive oil is now fake (Sunflower mixed with some olive oil). Olive oil (extra virgin) is expensive, if you can buy it at a price that seems "cheap" then I would avoid it! Try sticking to buying it from reputable shops and from brands that are known. Also buy it in tins or tinted glass bottles (not plastic as the light affects the quality of the oil). The colour of the oil also changes so extra virgin is typically a green-ish yellow, and normal olive oil is a pale-ish yellow, but that varies slightly depending on the season. Labels that says pomace, pure, light and just olive oil have undergone refinement. Terms such as cold pressed, or first pressed aren't really important as most olive oil is no longer pressed and is actually extracted in industrial centrifuges.
      Look for a best before date or a manufactured date as olive oil should be consumed within 2 years (oils do not get better with age!) Also look for a DOP (protected destination of origin); this is a quality and integrity assurance and often just written as D.O.P on the label with the area name.
      If it's just for your hair then even plain olive oil should do the job! but if it's for consumption then I would be a bit more cautious.I know this answer isn't the most helpful but I hope it's helped to some degree?

    2. thanks so much. :) it did help a lot indeed. Right now, I only need it for my hair, but asked anyway because I also read in some article how a lot of olive oil is fake. Thank you so much for explaining in such detail :) :D


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