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So after Kayennat did her very innovative What's on my Bedside Table post, I decided to do a what's on my my windowsill post as I don't have a bedside table, at home nor at uni. Since I have a double bed at both, I tend to leave most the 'bedside table things' on the edge of the bed so that I have easy access to it (phone, glasses, kindle, drink)

Now my windowsill doubles up as my jewellery area. I have no where else in my room at uni, as I didn't bring any extra storage with me, so the next best thing was my window ledge. As you will see, I am big on using items that are not conventional jewellery organisers to showcase and store them in. 

The wall: I have bunting just where the ceiling meets the wall, this was hand made by me, Kay and Nuzhah. We made meters and meters long for her engagement party, which we didn't end up using!
Close up of the windowsill

I think flowers add a whole different dimension to a room, they really add life (minus yourself of course). I have three, which I try to take care of and not kill. I have an orchid, which I've had since November, a thyme plant (for cooking), and a potted daffodil. I love daffodils and normally buy a bunch a week in spring. But Tesco was selling them in January! It came as mere shoots and have grown considerably since. My Orchid sits in a food bowl, on top of a cake stand which I got from Tesco. 

The extra details on my windowsill really add more to the space and fill it up, so it doesn't look bare. I have my Elie Saab Evian bottle, which I have added fairy lights to, so it doubles as a night light. I also have my Dreamcatcher, which I have had for years (and strangely, I believe works), a Yankee Candle in Salted Caramel, a jar filled with origami stars that my best friend made for me, and a candle holder that has a few stone hearts (all from Evolution) and my anklets, one which is hanging down. 

My Jewellery 
I keep the majority of my earring in this small cake tower (from TK Maxx). Studs are kept on the upper tier, and bigger earrings are in the lower tier. I really seem to have a thing for feathers ... 

 I have a thing for wearing belly bars as earrings, and so I keep them in a Swarovski box along with my gorgeous Swarovski earrings that K&K got me last birthday. I have a wooden drawer set (from Evolution) in which I keep bigger statement necklaces and rings. Bracelets that I wear on a regular basis I keep on a glass candle holder. The red box that sits on stores my other bracelets.

 Im not really sure what to call this. Its a tall bird cage, that has a door thing, that I assume is meant to be for putting candles into, and hooks that go all along the circumference. We have two of these, and one is at home being used as a key holder. I use it for my smaller necklaces. Longer necklaces are normally wrapped around the top like the triangle one.

We get a lot of home things from Tk Maxx and Evolution. They also hold a certain flair about them, which me and Kayennat like. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this and do it as well! I love seeing how other people decorate and store things. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday & weekend!
This little metal Nigar mesh was made by an old friend.


  1. not to be mean but windowsill is one word :D

  2. Awww you have so many pretty trickets. Such a lovely space :D

  3. The windowsill looks so pretty! I think the jewellery works as great decoration. Also, fairy lights have a way of adding a sense of romance in a room. Even I use fairy lights tucked in wine bottles as night light!


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