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Desi Wardrobe: Clutch Edition

While looking at the searches that brings people to our blog there was a few searches for bags to carry with desi outfits. Some people like to go all "matchy matchy" with accessories so with a green saree they'll wear green shoes, carry a green bag, have green jewellery and (my nightmare) have matching green eyeshadow.

Personally I think we need to move away from that, people, we don't have to be matchy matchy, we can be co-ordinated instead!

Anyways I think clutch bags are awesome and I have been obsessed with them for a little while. You don't need a gazillion, just a few basic ones and you're good to do. 

Clutch bags you need: 

-> A gold one 

-> A silver one 

-> A neutral shade so a nude/beige/brown or if you must, a black one (I hate black bags)

-> & a quirky one. 

The ones featured below are a mix of mostly designer and high street. However I have seen cheaper variations of them  floating all around. 

If you live in the UK, my favourite shops for clutches are New Look, Primark and Accessorize (Monsoon). Although to be honest, I don't personally think that the Accessorize ones are worth their price (very pretty though). Primark has some amazing ones for under 10 pounds, however they are temperamental as they have them in randomly. So keep an eye out and when you see them, pick one up.  Don't wait till you need one to buy it. 

Quirky Clutches

Quirky bags are great for days when you're outfit is probably a little less blingy and you want to dress a bit edgier. Love the LOVETOBAGs from Pernia's Pop Up Shop.
For outfit details click here 
This gold glittery bag was from Primark and cost......wait for it.......£6! 
Yep. An absolute bargain.  It's probably the most used bag in our house for going out as it's really versatile. I bought it by chance, not having a need for it then. 


  1. Matchy-matchy from head to toe is such a fashion blooper (IMO)! Being well-coordinated/put-together is an art! And yeah, I often carry clutches which are either gold/silver or in contrast to the saree/suit that I'm wearing. Sometimes, I also carry this multicoloured potli that I have if I'm wearing a solid saree. Just leaving the link here for you to checkout

    And yes, that gold clutch is a great bargain, especially when you factor in its versatility!

    1. I remember that post! The polki is very cute. In fact we were supposed to make a day one but haven't gotten there yet!

    2. *to make one ( not sure how I typed day on there. Stupid smartphone)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank God i found someone who isn't into black bags! :D I don't hate them, but I don't love them either as much as other people do, I don't get the hoopla around them, tan and beige bags work so much better, like the one you carry Anya ;)

    1. I dread black shoes *shudder* I don't understand when people say black accessories go with everything because err they don't! Who's Anya?

  3. You are looking gorgeous in Sari. Love the gold clutch your are carrying :)

  4. So pretttyyy Kayennat..loved it
    My recent post:

  5. OMG you look amazing! And I love the glittery bag!

  6. The dress doesn't look cheap at all, which is surprising given the price! After receiving compliments practically from everyone, I got some pictures in this dress.


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