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Eylure Dybrow

Unfortunatly, I am not blessed with lovely brows like Kay. They are very light, grey, and in some parts sparse. 
BUT! There are products to solve that. I bought this eyebrow kits agessssssss ago, like, 2/3 years ago. I used it a few times, but I figured there was no real point because I would draw over them anyway. But I found that I've increasingly been going out without makeup in third year uni, not to uni, but to friends. So hello darker brows. 

I use the Eylure Dybrow Dye Kit in Black. Which is supposed to give me dark glossy brows for up to 45 days. 

This is what comes in the kit. Instructions, activating solution, dye cream, plastic dish to mix it, a mixer, and a spooly.
1. You add 3 drops of solutions per 1 cm of dye cream, here I used around 2 cm.
2. You mix it until it becomes creamy, so it does not drip from the spooly.
3. The instructions advise you to use something like vaseline to protect your skin from the dye, but I found that I don't really need it, and I don't own vaseline, so I didn't use it.
4. Using the spooly, carefully comb the dye onto your brows, and leave for around 2-5 minutes. The instructions said 2 minutes, but really, that was never going to work on my brows. So I left it on for 5. 
5. After the allocated time, use a cotton pad to wipe off. I used one of my makeup pads. 
6. The instructions said that if you wanted a more defined brow to do a second application. Which I did. And found that there was no difference. So the final picture is as dark as my brows will go.

Now remember, my brows are relatively sparse to begin with, so if you have thicker brows, the colour will look darker and more intense. There is a noticeable difference between the two, and I will post a picture of how the brows look after around 40 days. To compare how it has changed over the time.  

(Kayennat: I have used this on my eyelashes when we first got it, when it use to be Dylash, and didn't follow the instruction to remove my contact lenses, and OUCH my eyes burnt. So lesson to be learnt, follow instructions!)

Hope you guys found this helpful!
Much love


  1. This is interesting. I have never heard of eyebrow dye. Is that weird? :/

    1. Haha not weird at all. Its not even that popular here. Literally only one brand of eyebrow dye available.

  2. I guess the idea of if is a bit iffy to befin with. A few years ago I didn't care about the colour of my brows, just whether they were groomed or not. So I would never fill them in. But as I grew up that changed. It was really only a matter of time for me till I dyed my brows because im a serial hair dyer!

    The whole affair only takes 10 mins out of your day and the results aren't too shabby :)

  3. sound interesting...thx for sharing honey....would you like to follow each let me know honey...stay connected...:-)

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