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This outfit is from Valentines Day (just a little while ago). We had all gone out for a family meal. Nigar wore this jumpsuit that we'd picked up from Primark. I have the same one too and it's so soft, ultra flattering and comfortable. 

Jumpsuit: Primark | Blazer: New Look 
Necklace: Forever 21 | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (also featured here) 

 #ombrehairdontcare #longhairdontcare  

 Obligatory shot with MonMon the house bunny 

Food Porn: Beef steak with creamy potato mash and salad
As usual we ended up ordering too much food and were completely stuffed by the end. 

   I'd worn a green maxi dress (Forever 21) with a statement necklace (Primark). And I was not in the mood to do my hair so I blow dried it straight and quickly ran the straighteners through the top to smooth it out. 
I really don't care much for Valentines Day and don't understand the hype around it. Especially how single people get "sad" around it. It's a made up day, so just relax and enjoy it with your loved ones (saying that, I do expect the other half to buy me a present on this day....)

How was your V day? 


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