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TRENDS: Spring 2014 Nails

Tom Bachik is a celebrity manicurist and  a nail artist with L'Oreal. I found him on Instagram a few weeks ago and he recently posted an article where he discussed his top 5 spring nail trends: 

1. Whites 
2. Nudes 
3. Patterns 
4. Metallics 
5. Texture 

1. Whites: It' supposedly chic and sophisticated. I like the idea of white nails but it's not a look I like on myself.  Nigar seems to like it though.

Recommendation: China Glaze White on White

2. Nudes: I love nude nails. Nude nails is gorgeous and looks so incredibly polished. It's so hard to find the right one for your skin colour though as so many makes my fingers look ashy. 

Recommendation: Barry M Matte in Caramel (put a glossy coat on top if you don't like the matte look), Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait, Sally Hansen Nude Now

3. Patterns: I admire all the nail buffs who can paint on so many different styles. Really love the tribal patterns. And chevrons! I have such unsteady hands though.

Recommendation: Depends on how steady your hands are :) Or cheat using nail wraps 

4. Metallics: This trend is  one I don't favour. In fact I think metallic nails are very dated and just reminds me of the 90's (the worst decade for fashion, hair and makeup in my opinion). 

Recommendation: The only metallic nails I have ever liked is the metallic glitters; L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Sequin Explosion however if you wanted to try this trend without forking out a lot of money then the Barry M Silk Collection is a subtle option. For swatches click here

5. Texture: I love texture nails. What I don't love is the removal process which is annoying. It's similar to removing glitter nails. However they do last really well on nails without chipping. And textured polishes are what I prefer for when I know I need my nail polish to last a few days without any fuss. 

Recommendation: Barry M Textured Nail Paint. A personal favourite is Station Road (a cheery yellow) 

I am really surprised he didn't list creamy pastels as a trend as L'Oreal has just released a gorgeous pastel themed collection  called "Les Blancs" which unfortunately is going to wash out darker skins but check it out here if you were interested. 

Which nail trends are you most excited about? Will there be any that you'll be trying out or avoiding (like me and metallics)? 
Are there any other trends that you think are gonna be popular for the spring season? 


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