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Wedding Diaries | Help me choose my outfit!

Hi guys!

So we have a wedding next week, and we've been invited to the mehendi as well. I'm not sure of what to wear to the mehendi, and I've got three saree's in the running. So me and Kay thought it would be nice if you guys helped us! Leave your comments down and pick!

Some of you bollywood fans might remember one being on the leading lady of Chennai Express!

Thank you!

Saree 1

 Saree 2
Lungi dance anyone?

 Saree 3

All of these have been bought off Utsav, and if you guys want links just ask!  :)

Much love, Nigar


  1. 1. I like all the sarees.
    2. Second saree is the 'lungi dance' one.
    3. Third one reminds me of Masaba's designs.

    Go for the first one I say! I just have a thing for brights!

    1. Yeahhh, one and three are masaba inspired! I cant afford real masaba ones one my student loan, so I have to get faux ones xD

  2. Saree 3 saree 3 saree 3.... pls... but you look lovely in all

    1. As much as I adore three, it seems one has won!

    2. I chose saree 3 as well Rafat, but we lost :( She wore 1 to the mehendi

  3. Go for the first one I say. Too much black for an Indian wedding (Im assuming it is :) ) is a big no no :)

    1. Yeahh, going for the first one :D
      Thanks for voting!

  4. Replies
    1. It is gorgeouss, and so silky! Will have to wait to wait for another event now to wear it

  5. All the three saris are pretty. 1st one would be the best for a mehendi function :)

  6. Saree no 3...hands down..festive yet casual

  7. I want the link for the second one. Can u please drop the link.i want to gift it to my girl


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