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Nail Roundup

Quick post of the nail polish's I've recently been rocking! These are the photos that I've taken from the end of March up till now. Those of you who follow us on Instagram will have seen these already.

I start off by adding Rimmel's Nail Nurse Rescue as a base, with Seche Vite as a top coat. 

 My favourite polish: BarryM in Raspberry
China Glaze in White on White; and when I got bored of that I added L'Oreal's Top Coat Carat in Gold Lurex to my nails from halfway down, focusing on the tips for an ombre look.
 Using Barry M's polish in Matt White on my nails, I focused on an accent nail. I first added little yellow stones using a top coat as adhesive, and tweezers to apply them, sealing them with a layer of Seche Vite. 
However, they are not a good idea for an ex-nail-biter like me and I ended up biting it off within a day, so I painted the nail again using Barry M's Raspberry, and added a little heart on my middle nail. 
 Nude nails are another go to colour when I'm not feeling in the mood for Raspberry. First hand is painted using Rimmel's Lets Get Nude from the Rita Ora Collection. I loved the colour of this, but the consistency was way too thin. I had to use three layers, add that to a base coat and a top coat, and 5 layers is a bit OTT.
Second hand is using Rimmel's Salon Pro polish in Get a Nail Tan. I love love love this colour, and the brush is wonderful and large as well, so great application. 
 These two are not colours I would usually go to, but I've grown to really like them. 
First picture is of Barry M's Gelly Polish in Watermelon, and the second on is Rimmel's Round and Round the Garden. 

Rimmel and Barry M are two of my fav brands for nail polish's as they are both cheap and of good quality. I also really like the Maybelline Color Show polishes.

Much love, Nigar
P.S. still in exam time so please bear with us :) 


  1. Love the nudes and the China Glaze white!

  2. BarryM Raspberry is beautiful shade. All the best for exams


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