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Nigar's Lust List | May

I have been attempting to do this post for months! But never seem to finish it off and post. But today, while I'm procrastinating and not revising, and due to the lack of posts lately, I'm doing it!
Theres not really any theme or sense of order in this, just things that I've been lusting over! They range from stuff I know I will never own to things I plan on buying soon!


1. Alva Folk Floral Festival Maxi Kimono from Boohoo 
2. Tisha Saksena Ivory Drape Kurta and churidar 
3. Ted Baker Betty Tiara Headband in rose gold: Because I am a Princess.
4. Zara Heels 
5. Poppy Monochrome Chevron Ankle Strap Wedge from Boohoo
6. Zara Loafers 
(Kayennat: those brown shoes are beyond fugly.....)
(Nigar: lets not hate yeah.)

What are some of the things you guys have been lusting over?! Share so I can lust too!

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