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S&F's Wedding Day One

We apologize for the quality of the photos; with the exception of the first one, the rest were either stolen borrowed from Facebook or from our phones. 
We were just too busy having fun to take much photos. 

The gorgeous bride, and her sister. With the groom being hidden in the background!

The bride and the bridesmaids

The beautiful and very delicious cake! And we don't say that about wedding cakes! They are almost always dry and not nice tasting. And omg the strawberries were just yummm. So sweet!

The only thing that makes the cake better is this little dude in front of it! 

The center pieces were so lovely, simple and classy. The table numbers and designs were hand piped using henna 

 Mommy's outfit:

 She wore a sari that has been featured on the blog before here. Her top is a glittery one that I bought from H&M last year, so it isn't even a sari top! We love mixing it up! She paired this sari with her normal grecian hair do, a pair big chandelier earrings, and a pair of khusa's (flat indian shoes).

The new addition to our earring collection! Isn't this just gorgeous. Its not the most practical, as its huge and hits the side of your face, but its so so light. From Chohans on Ladypool Road, Birmingham. 

 Kayennat's Outfit:

Kayennat got a new sari from Utsav for this wedding, and it was gorgeous! We love simple elegance as much as we love OTT jewellery and this sari was just that. White with a gold border and black trimmings, matched with Kayennat's new necklace and again, khusa's. The necklace is also from Chohans. Bless the guy at the store, he added the pearls on for Kayennat!

Kayennat's Makeup:

Didn't manage to get a picture (duh) but it was the usual soft brown smokey eye (using snakebite from Naked 2 palette) and Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Brown. 

Nigar's Outfit:

I have worn this outfit once before, around a year and a half ago from my BIL's brothers wedding, link here, and I wore it more or less the same, with the exception of my hair, which was just left alone after being curled, no tying back or anything. 
 Nigar's Jewellery: Black and Gold earring from Chauhans, and mixture of bangles. On my left arm I wore a fusion, a mixture of Swarovski bangles with some Indian ones I had found, and on my right arm I borrowed some of Kayennat's wedding bangles. 

Nigar's Makeup:
 I was so lost for a look on this particular day that I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I used this photo here of Cara Delevingne. It didn't look exactly the same as the white highlighter I was using wasn't showing up as well as I would have liked in my inner eye area, but ce la vie. I didn't take a picture of my makeup as we were rushing around and didn't have time once we ready and in the hall. 

 This is Humaira, a family friend who travelled from London all the way up to Bradford! She told us that one of her friends reads our blog and actually told her about it, so hi friend! She told us your name but I've forgotten, sorry!

 Just some other pics!
Saali & Bonoy
Daddy & Mommy
Us with Daddy
 Family photo 
Us with the Uncle & Cousin of the bride

 Girls being girls: 

The Bride changed her outfit during the end into a gorgeous handmade damask skirt, with a boat neck black top. 

 Seating Plan: Handmade in the bride's sisters own handwriting at 3am the day of the wedding! Cut and stuck by me and Kayennat. They were handwritten by the bride's sister. How perfect is her handwriting!

The namecards on the plates were handpiped by her as well, on chocolate pieces. So completely edible. We gobbled up ate all the ones for people who cancelled at the last minute.

The bridesmais were so cute, along with their little bodyguard. He was beyond adorable.

That's Kayennat in the background, fixing her hair working super hard as usual.

Bridesmaid gowns; handmade by mother of the bride. That lady is so talented it hurts.

The wedding favours were made by the mother of the above bridesmaids, such talent! They're a Mauritian dessert called "napolitain" (spelt in various different ways by different people, but essentially 2 dense biscuits stuck together by jam, then covered in icing. If you've had shortbread biscuits, they taste similar to that) 

They were then wrapped up in paper and boxed. So pretty. 

This was such a gorgeous, elegant wedding. There were even a string quartet playing Bollywood tunes; very classy.

The dessert table: offering a variety of desserts 

and sweet bags for the kids. These are a really great idea to keep kids occupied. Be warned though, even the adults wants them.....

There was a photo-booth for guests to enjoy. Photo-booths in my opinion should always be available at every wedding. So much fun. 

If we get hold of better pictures we will update :) 

Thanks for the love guys, still in exam mode for a while.
Can't wait for holidays......


  1. Lovely pics! That cake is wow and I love that your mum wore a h&m top as a sari blouse. I've been toying with the idea myself for a while and actually bought a crop top today to try this out. I may add some sequins to give it more of a glam feel!

    1. Thank you :) I know you can't see it very well but even my "blouse" is a black crop top!

    2. Share a picture when you do! Would love to see how you style it :)

  2. Such happy pictures! All of you look lovely. Love Kayennat's necklace is gorgeous! And Nigar, your saree is so pretty. The details like the icing on the chocolate namecards and henna on candles add so much charm to the whole setting! Also, the bride's sister's handwritten is SO good- calligraphy or something like it! :)

    1. Can you beleive thats her normal handwriting!
      I hate her. I have the hand writing of a 5 year old :(

  3. I love Kay's necklace, Nigar's lips and the bride's skirt too much!

  4. Aww!! Heyyy! Yes I would happen to be the mysterious reader who also happens to be Humaira's friend! You girls look beautiful!! Love the blog, keep it up! :) Sharmeen xxx


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