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DIY | Ways of Recycling old Food & Candle Jars

We all buy things that come in jars; candles, food ... other such items. There is no need to throw them away after they're empty, but there's also no need to become a hoarder and keep all of them. Just clean them and they're good as new {plus you're helping save the environment, win win all around}. 

Cleaning the jars

If it's a candle, the best thing to do is burn away all the wax. Mum normally cleans it out- so while the candle is during its final moments, she adds hot (not boiling) water to it and then uses a dish-washing sponge to clean away any residue. If the candle is all dried up then Kay normally adds some water to it and places it on a low low low heat (read super low here) and let the wax melt away into the water, throw out and clean as normal. 
The best way to get rid of the smell, be in a candle or food jar, is adding half a lemon, in water, and leaving it to soak for a few days. 

1. Storing Makeup Brushes 
I have two glass jars on my table. Both used for face brushes, split between my 'branded' and 'budget' brushes. This one is an old Yankee Candle Jar. 

2. Storing Makeup Pads

This makes for such easy access. I hate fiddling with the packaging of makeup pads, so this is so convenient. We have one on my desk and one in the bathroom (and strangely enough one downstairs on our welsh dresser, in the kitchen).

3. Candle Holder

Why throw away the jar your expensive Yankee candle came in if you can clean it out and put another in there!

4. Flower Jar
I love using old jars for flowers, especially if they still have their original packaging on or embossed into the glass. 

5. Light Holder 
So you have fairy lights, but don't know where to put them. Stick them in a jar! We have quite a few of these around the house. 

6. Sweet/Food Holder 

We use them to store homemade pickles, Kayennat's energy bars, homemade garlic/ginger paste among other food items. [Kayennat: I store homemade hummous/hummus in there as I don't like plastic containers much as the plastic taste seeps into the food and I can taste it so glass jars are awesome). Here we're using them for Pink Himalayan Salt & Xylitol 'sugar'. 

What else do you re-use jars for? Share below!


  1. They also make great little gifts when stuffed with little nick-nacks or trinks or handmade gifts. :)

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