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Leibster Award Tag | Nigar & Kayennat

We got tagged by Vaishnavi from Maami in Melbourne to do the Leibster Award Tag, thanks! Had never heard of this before so it was interesting to read about. She posted these 11 questions for us to answer. Check out her blog for her own answers to different questions! 

The way the tag works is this (rules):
  1. Thank the blogger who gives it to you
  2. Answer the 11 questions he/she asks
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 500 followers
  4. Ask these 11 bloggers 11 questions
  5. Let these bloggers know that they have been nominated for the award
So me and Kay both did our answers separately, without seeing each others, and we have quite a few that are the same! We've put them together and in different colours;
Nigar's Answers
Kayennat's Answers 

What are the 5 things that always inspire you to post every day?
-> Knowing that there are people who read our blog on a regular basis! 
-> The wish to share knowledge and to teach people new things. Im a sucker when it comes to aiding people.
-> Because I want this blog to become something.
-> I love writing for the blog.
-> I can't think of another! 

-> Well I don't post everyday. I really appreciate the hard work that goes into daily posting, so hats off to all of you guys who manage to do it. If I don't feel like I have something to say then I prefer not to say anything :) and life mostly gets in the way.... university is over for this academic year so posting will be more regular from now *after I recuperate (coughs)*. But I feel really happy that there are people out there who read our blogs and I always want to produce content that's useful and meaningful to them. 

What is the one place that you'd like to go back to, every time?
-> Home.

-> Home :) no other place compares.

What is your idea of a relaxed day?
-> Warm, sunny, good book (more than likely a fantasy) 

-> A warm sunny day, just lazing around the house, with music and a good book and light, easily digestible food so am not feeling heavy or bloated. I really enjoy in the conservatory in the summer months, and bask in the warmth of the sun hitting my skin while laying on the sofa with my book. 

What is the one essential that you we can always find on your desk?
-> OMG everything is on my desk. Its my desk & my vanity. But if I had to choose, laptop. 

-> Oh dear, empty Coca Cola cans *hides in shame*

Which brand in handbags do you think is over-rated? Or over-priced?
-> I don't know about brands, but big boho bags that cost £56734934, just no. 

-> LV's (especially the monograms, they are really ugly in my opinion, and just screams desperate to me)

If given a choice between splurging or duping an accessory (handbag, watches etc), what would you choose?
-> I'm not really one to splurge, maybe because I'm broke, so I'd go for the dupe over the real one. Although it does depend on the quality. If it's bad then I'd just move onto the next thing.

-> I would splurge on a handbag because I typically use the same one a lot. But it would have to be one I was absolutely in love with (in fact I have been looking for my perfect bag for a while and can't find one that meets my requirements). Although am not sure how realistic it would be for me to actually splurge as I recently spent £30 on a handbag and I felt that was a lot......

What is it about nature that mesmerizes you?
-> I love watching rain. Not pathetic drizzles that you don't even notice till your hair has become limp with moist, but full on downpour. The kind you get with a thunderstorm. I have always loved thunderstorms.

-> Thunderstorms! I love them. I love how the atmosphere changes before a thunderstorm. The air becomes crisp and fresh. And when you breathe it's like you've never really breathed before. And when the storm starts; it's just beautiful, the downpour of rain, the sound the raindrops hitting surfaces makes, the lightening and thunder show. 

What is your favourite dessert?
-> Its between Ice-cream, waffle with ice-cream, New York Cheesecake and sponge cake with custard. See, not picky at all  :D

-> Don't have one; I like ice creams, cheesecakes, cake, jilabis, gulab jamun, rasgulla, erm...I have a sweet tooth so I like most things. I don't think I have one can't live without dessert. 

What’s your best kept kitchen secret?
-> (Edited as my mind completely blanked out the kitchen bit!) Simplicity! I don't cook that much, and even when I eat food, I prefer it to be simple. So, stick to the basics, don't go overcomplicating things, and if all fails, just add salt, pepper, and thyme :D

-> Everyone thinks I'm a whizz in the kitchen....In reality I just wing it and hope for the best. My advice is that cooking is an art and baking is a in cooking adjust and add/substitute/add/remove to your heart's content but when baking please follow the recipe as is!

Which is the movie that makes you think of falling in love?
-> Love. What is this love. 

-> I don't have one..... A quick IMDB search of romantic movies to refresh my memories and none struck a cord with me.... for the record I hate Titanic and found The Notebook to be unbearable (I am aware I am part of a tiny tiny minority here). Books wise I think it would have to be Love Story by Erich Segal. I just remember that being the first book to emotionally affect me (might have shed a tear....).

Which DIY are you itching to make next? Or buy next?
-> I'm intending on redecorating my room from top to bottom this summer. I've had enough of the red walls, red ceiling and black furnishings that I have right now. I wanna do as much DIY for the room as possible, and will document it!

-> Room makeover, my walls are black and fuschia....about time that changed, not looking forward to having to paint a million coats over the black to cover it :( 

Our Questions (Nigar's & Kay's Combined):
  1. Favourite Book?
  2. Most read Book and/or series?
  3. Favourite Love Song?
  4. You wake up and your hair randomly become greasy overnight, but you don't have time to wash it. What do you do?
  5. When was the last time you showered? 
  6. Weirdest Food Combination? (e.g. Nigar loves to dip Mcdonald fries into ice-cream/strawberry milkshake) 
  7. You're allowed to use one makeup item on your face, what is it? 
  8. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi & Coke?
  9. Describe your perfect burger
  10. What are you currently wearing? 
  11. Favourite person, and why

We Tag (not fully sticking to rules here!):


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Have fun guys!
And readers, leave your answers to our questions, all or just the ones you like, below! We would love to read them.
Much love,
Nigar & Kayennat


  1. Aww!! Love your responses...thanks for posting :)
    And you've tagged some amazing bloggers...would love to see their responses :)

    1. I have yet to tell them they are tagged! :')
      Will do so when I wake up, I got too lazy after this post :)
      And answer them too! Would love to see yours

  2. Haha, I love that you're both book people. And thanks for tagging me! The logo detail is brilliant. Really looking forward to writing this post :D

  3. Thanks you guys, your blog is one of my top favorites, therefore extra happy to be tagged :D. Will answer the questions ASAP. :D

  4. Thanks you guys love the creativity that pours oout from your blog

  5. Thanks for tagging! :)

    Such a fun tag-post! Can't wait to do mine!



  6. Done :), here:

    By the way, did you guys change the questions after some time, I remember checking out the questions yesterday but now I felt like I don't remember them. Maybe I only read two-three of them :P

  7. thank you for the tag ladies! I'm a little behind in my post, but I will definitely get to this as soon as I can... :)



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