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Maybelline Color Show Nailpolish Swatches

I love the Maybelline Color Show polishes. They have new collections all the time, keeping very on trend. 

->There are 41 shades, and we have 13 so far, so here are the swatches as the ones we have at home.
-> At a price range of £2.99-£3.99 they are so cheap! 
-> Smooth to apply with a good sized brush
-> Two coats get the colour opaque and glossy
-> Quick drying

Coral Heat | Tropink | Love this Sweater | Latte | In your Flesh

Cool Touch | Midnight Taupe | Candy Apple | Burgundy Kiss | Blackout
Candy Apple and Burgundy Kiss have both become gloopy after a few months, but they got good usage.

White Splatter | Knitted Gold | Red Excess 


  1. Nice collection. I have collected 12 :)

  2. These are awesome but I won't buy anymore. I have only 1. I am trying to buy as less as possible from brands who are involved in animal testing. :/

    1. Hey Shrish, don't know how it is in India but in the UK no cosmetic products that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world is allowed to be sold in the UK or in Europe. Therefore none of the Maybelline could have been tested on animals or they wouldn't be sold.


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