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My Room at Uni V.2

It was my final year this year, and like last year, I chose to be a loner and get a studio flat. I did not stay in the same flat as I was in last year, so refer to my previous version to compare! I did not take as many photos this year, but took some of the little details that make my room home.
I had a set of shelves high up that I had to stand on my bed to get to. So here I kept things that I did not really need on an everyday basis. So my teddy bears, my old magazines, my money tin, and uni folders and books sat on this. 

Do you guys recognise Hamtaro!? And of course, Pukka, Stuart, the PG tips monkey, and Elliot the Elephant.

My Windowsill is where I kept all my jewellery, candle, fairy lights and always had flowers there as well. For a more detailed post of my Window sill, I have one here!

I keep small earrings in a small cupcake holder, necklaces hang on my birdcage jewellery stand, bracelets in my red box and on a clear candle plate, big necklaces and rings go in my brown wooden drawers, and my more flashy earrings in my Swarovski box.  

I got these wooden plaques from TK Maxx, and love love love them. Enough that I carried these home in the wind along with my big white board.  

My picture wall! I cannot have a room without pictures, and this was one of the most loved features of my room when I had viewings for next years tennents. 

 Bit obsessed with my name; but how effin cool is that Coca-Cola label! 

On the two sides of my table I had these. One side was my white board with sat on top of my big suitcase, which is covered in a scarf. My printer is next to that, with my speaker system on top, as well as my hairdryer and straighteners. My mirror is also kept on the floor, leaning against the table, but not in this picture. 
On the other side is my small suitcase which I use when I come home, along with my everyday shoes. The fire aiding kit is attached to the wall so I use it as a kind of holder for my umbrellas and shopping bag. 

Other details. Oh, and I love owls.

If any of you guys have posts on your rooms please share! I love seeing other peoples rooms for ideas in improving my own! 

Much love, Nigar


  1. Everything's so cute! Especially the picture wall :D

  2. cute :) I loved teddies and soft toys too. I really like how you have added little light bulbs in the window

    1. fairy lights make any room look so much more cheery!

  3. Your room is damn cute.
    I've been wanting to create a picture wall in our living room, but not able to find plain white frames, I think I would have to do it myself.

    1. Thanks! :)
      I got most of mine from IKEA, and the I've even painted that I had at home :)


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