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OOTN | Nigar & Mommy

Mommy was going to a dinner with her work friends and asked me to come along with her. Kept it simple with Kayennat's dress and just accessorised. Everything is over a year old, so sorry, can't link anything. 
The shoes were from Kays wedding; I had lusted after them for ages before they went in sale and I snatched them! 

 The makeup was simple, really just my normal everyday makeup. Lipstick is Vixen by Sleek Makeup. Hair was blow-dried straight and pushed to one side of my round head.   

Mommy wore this lovely dress from H&M. We bought it mid May, but can't find it online anymore! We curled her hair, kept makeup light, and she work mid heels. 


  1. you look gorgeous and heels are so unique and attractive

  2. Those shoes are AMAZING, aw your mum looks so pretty bless her! :D


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