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Can't really blog properly at the moment as the ceilings in our kitchen and my bedroom is missing, there's an inch layer of dust over the whole house, I am supervising the builders *making tea every now and then*, I can't do anything else, the camera charger is missing so we can't charge it to take photos for all the blog posts in our draft box.....urgh so I thought I'll go through my phone and pick out pictures of things I've been loving recently (as I haven't really done a current loves post for a while). This is a bit of a random post. You might wanna grab some tea coz this gonna be a long one ;) 

Foods that I've been loving:

Sunny side up eggs on toast with green beans, falafel wrap, grilled sheesh kebab, avocado salad, llama's baked crisps

Clockwise from top left: 

1. This might not look like much but is an awesome meal: seeded wholegrain toast, with sunny side up eggs, and sprinkle with freshly grated peppercorns. Serve with optional greens. takes 2 minutes to prepare.VERY nice 

2. Falafel type *thing* with salad in a wrap. Takes about 4/5 mins from scratch. The falafel is normally more of a burger consistency but I broke it up and sprinkled it on top of the salad. OMG so so good. 

3. Grilled Sheesh Kebabs with an avocado and leaf salad. Takes about 5 minutes to prepare from scratch + 10 mins grilling time.  Mmmmmm so so good. 

This is a bad time to be writing about food as I am so hungry.

4. Lllamas; this is exclusive to Tesco's in the UK but worth the trip if Tesco's isn't your normal store. It's wholewheat and baked so supposedly "good for you". Each packet is 4 grams of fat, however I ate 6 of these yesterday. I blame my uni friend for this, she made me taste one and it was all downhill from there. 

Beauty Stuff:

neem face mask, ombre hair, bobbi brown orange, bobbi brown cocoa, essie sugar daddy, grow gorgeous cleansing conditioner

From top left clockwise:

1. My neem face mask: if you haven't tried it yet, I am not sure what you're waiting for.....It's awesome! You will be left with a glowing complexion plus baby butt softness. It also tackles blemishes. Win win win :) 

2. Hair trim: In between one of the exams, I got bored and felt weighed down by my hair so I took off 6 inches. Nigar noticed after 2 weeks, my husband and mum didn't notice at all......I don't know what to make of that! 

3. Red Lipstick: I hate red lipstick but I am becoming a convert; Bobbi Brown Lipcolor in Orange. Gorgeous. Minus the moody face. That's my normal resting face yo! 

4. Smudged/smudgy makeup: I love makeup look that looks really lived in and not perfect. I know this is a look most people don't actually understand's ok :D It's low maintenance, looks great, long lasting, like a just rolled out of bed look (actually I think I did just roll out of bed before this picture). On my lips: Bobbi Brown Lipcolor in Cocoa

5. Sheer nails: This is another one most people don't understand. But sometimes you need your nails to look a bit chic (better) but not get any attention either. This is for those times. Essie Sugar Daddy (2 coats)

6. Co-washing; basically  shampoo/conditioner mix. Shampoo is in a tiny proportion in comparison to the conditioner. However there is NO foaming, no soaps and sulphate free. You apply to your hair and let the product stay in there for 3-5 minutes, rinse out and dry/style as usual. The cleansing conditioner cleanses and conditions all in one. It is weird to use as obviously there's no "foam" so no bubbles/lather. It's gentle and leaves hair soft and light and bouncy.I have a lot of hair so for something to make my hair feel "light" is saying something. This particular one though costs a bomb...not sure whether it's financially viable in the long run (although by comparing other ones on the market, it is one of the lower priced ones).The cleansing conditioner here is by Grow Gorgeous


We seemed to have baked a lot this year, our "basic" cupcakes looks like this: 

rose frosted cupcakes

It was mum's birthday at the end of May. Didn't really get a chance to make a proper birthday cake so made a sort of bouquet of cupcake flowers. 

cupcake bouquet

On a side note, how gorgeous does she look??! 

ootd, mango maxi dress

Me and Nigar are redecorating our rooms (and I think we are both going for the same overall look/ theme; vintage/ shabby chic). My room inspiration is this: 

vintage bedroom, shabby chic

I've picked my wallpaper (for the feature wall) and the paint colours: 

When I left Wales for this year it was like this:

cardiff in summertime, wales in summer
which is in extreme contrast to what this place looks like in Winter: 

Cardiff in wintertime, wales in winter

 I was all ready and pumped for summer but its pouring with winter like rain right now and it feels so cold...... brrr ..... Winter is coming: 

For those of you who watches Games of Thrones......that last episode next week is going to be just....I don't know.....I am dying slowly inside. Urgh. If you're a fan you'll understand :D 

Seems like a good place to stop rambling, tell me what's new with you guys, your near future plans, current likes/dislikes, whatever you want?!  


  1. Those cupcakes look so cute! And yes, I'm a Game of Thrones fan. I understand.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Kayennat, if those are your "basic" cupcakes then I wonder what the fancy ones would look like. Gorgeous! Looking forward to your room decor posts. And yes, GOT s04 is coming to an end, I've actually not watched after E07 cause I'm thinking of watching the remaining episodes together.

    1. I hope you've caught up with GOT! it ended on a positive note for me. I love Tyrion Lannister :)

  4. Love the room inspiration!
    ANd GOT episode is the only inspiration for me this week :P:P

  5. Lived-in makeup for the win. And I'm considering this sheer nail color hard. Love it!


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