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3 Things Thursday

This weeks 3 Things Thursday is dedicated to books, and in particular book series. This is only my [Nigar's] opinions and Kayennat's would be different. Minus number 1. Of course.

1. Harry Potter. by J.K.Rowling
There is really no need to say much on this one. If you've read them, they'd be on your list too. If you haven't, you're crazy and most likely one of those 'cool kids' who watches only the movies. 

My best memories of Harry Potter: 
-> If I remember correctly, I started these books while I was in year 5, so 4 of the books had already been released by that time. I had finished them all by the time Order of the Phoenix came out and we had ordered two so that me and Kay could both read it at the same time. 
-> I remember putting the title of the Order of the Phoenix as a hangman word cause I thought I was cool and no one else would know it, as it hadn't come out yet, I failed. 
-> While at uni, me and my two friends did a marathon once of all the movies. We were up till after 10 in the morning, after which they dragged me shopping. These were two guys btw.

Why I love Harry Potter:
WHY NOT! This is such an amazing series. And I actually don't have a favourite book. Like, I have a favourite out of the movies, which I love btw, because I decided one day to start watching them expected them to be different and decided to accept the changes they'd made after years of hating. 

I love how you can see how she grows up and refines her own writing style as the books go on. Which is exactly what is needed as the characters grow up. The books get progressively darker, and longer. Always a good read, so much that I've started my 3rd time reading them. [Kay's on the 3832932nd time reading them]
After writing that I've cried for the Narnia books, I realised I have defo cried on more than a few occasions in this book. 
I know I haven't said much about the actual books, but if you haven't read them or never plan on doing so; we're going to have a rocky friendship fer sure. [alas, my best friend hasn't read them either :( ]

2. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis
Another Childhood favourite. 
Im not sure when I started reading these, but I've read them over 5 times each. 

Why I love Narnia:
These books take you to a place of fantasy. A place that every kid, and hell a lot of grown ups too would love to go to. Full of adventure, talking animals, a bit of fighting, handsome princes, gorgeous scenery, and a big fluffy lion that I've always to just hug. But these books are not just full of fluffy animals and make believe. They all have a message. They all teach you something. And I swear Aslan is such a biblical figure. And I have cried a few times as well. 

What I love even more, is the writer. He was already around 50 when he started to write the books, so his writing style had already developed, and even cuter, he wrote them for his granddaughter. 

'But someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again'

This is one of my favorite quotes. His death was a tragedy as Im sure he would have gone on to write many more wonderful books.  

A bit on the movies:
I friggin adore the movies! The music, the visuals, Liam Neeson voice for Aslan. But again, they do deviate from the books. And so much for Prince Caspian and The Dawn Treader. They completely changed how Peter reacts to Caspian in PC. Completely. That upset me. 
The Silver Chair is the next upcoming movie in the series, and I can't wait for it!

3. The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker
One of my newest reads. I got this on Kindle after Christmas 2013, and I think its only available for digital download anyway. I literally couldn't stop reading. I even added this to my January favourites post. This is what I wrote;

"It is sort of an accidental "steampunk" fantasy riddled with magic, adventure and the frustrating attraction between two of the main characters. Its frustrating because I'm onto the fifth book and their [Amaranthe and Sicarius']  story hasn't progressed. This doesn't take away from the authors talent, which grows from the first book, its just the way their story is. 

I have basically been reading book after book, while doing uni work of course, and fully recommend it. There are seven books in total, with (I think) four short stories. The first book is even free on amazon via kindle! And the rest of them are really cheap too. 

Update: OK, so its been a few days since I wrote this post, and let it sit in drafts, and I'm onto book 7, and OMG what the hell just happened! I read the last chapter and I cried. I was dying inside to know what happened so instead of starting book 7 at the first chapter I skipped and read the last (I'm reading from the beginning now though)"

For real guys, give this series a try. It's a relatively easy read, and a very enjoyable one at that! 

Are are some of your favourite book series? 
We'll do individual stand alone books another day ;)

Much love!

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  1. Totally agree with your first two book choices! And the Harry Potter movies did such a good job of following the books. And after reading your review, I have to read The Emperors Edge, sounds so good! Thanks for linking up, happy thursday.

  2. I hate the Harry Potter movies....made my blood boil at the amount of changes that was made!

  3. your post reminds me that I never read the last Harry Potter book - must fix that. Also adding Emperors Edge to my summer reading list!

    1. You need to get on it. The final Harry Potter was the best one yet. Minus the last'll understand when you get there :)


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