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3 Things Thursday

written by Kayennat on Nigar's laptop; forgot to change the author. Oopsy

This past week has been on a little health revival this week. I used to be super healthy, then I turned into a blob, and you know the saying "eat like shit, look like shit, feel like shit". Something's gotta change. So my 3 things I've been loving this past week are all changes that I've been making. 

1. Dietary changes: 

a) I love juices (not the premade stuff that comes in a carton) and I love juicing. I had a one day juice detox day and it went really well. It got rid of all that bloating and lethargy feeling I was experiencing. 

left to right: Beetroot Blend, Pineapple Blend, Carrot Blend (all are super yummy)

b) Green smoothies: I used to drink these on a daily basis but I've been off track for a little while and I've been definitely feeling the effects from not drinking it (recipe here).

c) Water: I don't like water. End of. I'm a Coca Cola addict through and through. It's something I've been trying to give up for years but have been failing. I've decided I'm kicking it to the curb this year. Been forcing myself to drink water instead. It's been a week and if you know me personally you would know how out of character it is to not see me with a can of coke in my hands. 

I jug a bottle down post workout

d) Clean Eating:

 I can't tolerate wheat and wheat products very well (makes me very bloated and uncomfortable, but man I love bread so so so much) so I've removed all "processed foods" from my diet. If it's going into my body every single ingredient better be as clean as possible. Follow me on Instagram to see what I eat on a regular basis.

from bottom left clockwise: Peri peri chicken with grilled vegetables and salad, chickpea burgers with salad and beans, grilled salmon with salad, hummous and vegetables (all homemade) 

2. Exercise:

 I've gone from exercising every single day to not doing much at all. Back to exercising now. I'd forgotten how good it feels to feel the burn after a good workout. Really enjoying that feeling. All you really need is a yoga mat, some music and a bottle of water. No fancy equipment required. (I've introduced weights for the past 2 days as well). 

Essential exercise basiscs

I love this (as does Nigar). This is an accupressure mat which is based on the accupuncture philosophy, the raised "needles" which presses against pressure points in your body to relieve stress and pain. We've been lying on this most days and it  feels amazing. It looks painful, but it isn't. I would say it's a bit uncomfortable but damn you feel so good when you get off it. I aim for 30 minutes just lying on there listening to meditation music. 

yantra mat

What are 3 things you've been loving this week? 

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. Do check them out. 


  1. I've always wanted to try juicing but haven't yet. The results sound great! I have problems with keeping my commitment to drinking more water today, but recently I bought a glass that lets me infuse my water with fruit and it's really good! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. I've never understood the whole water infusion thing! At the very least your water would look very pretty :)
      Try juicing, it's really good. You wanna opt for more veg than fruit in our mix

  2. First of all, I need the recipe for the chickpea burgers :D
    Secondly, this is an amazing post but definitely requires hell lot of commitment.
    Thirdly, ok, now this is a very basic question and you can always tell me to go figure it myself, but how do you grill the vegetables? :P
    Lastly, when you do your weights training, where do you get the instructions from? Smart Phone apps, previous exercise experience or you have a gym instructor?

    1. I'll do the chicjpeae burger recipe for you. It takes 2 mins to prepare and 4 mins to cook lol.l
      If you really want something you have to work for it instead of wishing and hoping!
      I grill my Vegetables on a pan. Literally put the pan on the stove, drizzle a tiny amount of oil and toss your vegetables in there. Twirl it every now and then. Takes about 5 minutes to grill things like peppers, courgettes (zucchini), kashmiri chilli's and green beans. Alternatively you put them all In an oven dish and stick in the oven but that takes ages! Ain't got no time for that!
      I have previous experience with working out ( I used to be super healthy) but there's loads of great YouTube video at that you can use.

  3. Just a few days ago my husband and I were saying how we need to get back into juicing! You are so right - when you eat too much junk you feel like junk.

    1. Do you have a favourite green juice recipe? I am so iffy to try green juice that I just make green smoothies instead and keep my juices colourful

  4. Oh wow, that's like the easiest way of cooking vegetables, thank you :D when you said grilled, I thought you make those skewers kind of veggies, and since its you, i thought you would have found an easier way to do that too. :D

    1. I do the skewers too! If it was a dinner party or I was in a great mood or something lol. I stil just throw the skewers on the frying pan. I don't have time for things that takes long to cook...

  5. For some bizzare reason I've been healthy during fasting and prior to that I wouldn't say I ate crap but I was more yoyo. I don't really like water buy it self but this month I've been addicted to infused lemon water, fantastic for bloatness and really refreshing. So much so I down half a litre at iftari in under 5 mins and green smoothies I can handle the bare minimum so I'd really love the recipes for the other 3 mentioned please xx

    1. Well done you! I just really love coca cola....not a fan of flavoured water so it has to be plain for me. I'm beginning to "like" it I think..Look out for juicesrecipes during this coming week; I should have it posted then.


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