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Graduation Outfit Guide

I am graduating in a fortnight and I thought that making a guide for choosing outfits!

Lets keep it classy ok girls, you're not going to a club. You don't need extra short dresses/skirts nor sky high heels that you can barely walk in. The ones I've added here are 4 inches and lower. One other point to be noted is the grip on the bottom of the shoes. Please make sure there is sufficient grip at the bottom of the shoes so you don't end up slipping on the stage in front of all people. 

The academic robe is secured with a loop at the front, so they advise girls to wear a shirt or dress which has buttons, so you can loop it in with buttons. However, I'm going to take pins with me as I am wearing a burgundy pencil dress with waterfall detailing on the front, and black 'barely there' mid heeled sandals. 

Dress: Asos  |  Shoes: Asos
I adored this dress at first glance! I got both the size 8 and the 10 to try, and while I just about fit in the 8, my derrière is a bit too big for the 8. But the top of the 10 is too big for me. I can never win! I'm keeping the 10 as I really don't want my dress to rip when I get up to go get my degree. The shoes are so pretty, not too high, and have a decent grip! 

Top: New Look  |  Skirt: New Look  |  Shoes: Ted Baker

Dress: Warehouse  |  Shoes: Asos

 Dress: Asos  |  Shoes: Asos
This is actually the dress that our cousin Nuzhah wore for her graduation! 

 Dress: Asos  |  Shoes: New Look

Blouse: H&M  |  Trousers: Asos  |  Shoes: Office

Blouse: H&M  |  Trousers: H&M  |  Shoes: Office

Disclaimer: I know the majority of these are from Asos. But this is mostly because it's a worldwide online store that everyone can access, plus we love it and its easy to find everything on!

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