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So you've just spent some time following a cake recipe to a tee and then through sheer bad luck your cake breaks when you lift it out of the tin (or you drop it, oopsy). It was for your dinner party, or a special dinner for two. What do you do? 

how to fix a broken cake, cake in a jar
Crumbled cake 
Don't fret. I got you covered. Grab some of these (mine are from desserts I've bought in the past and I just keep them because they're glass and re-usable). Or you could even use champagne glasses (or anything glass really. I've even used a jar before) 

cake in a jar

Press some pieces of the  cake into it. 

cake in a jar

Pipe a pretty rose on it. 

cake in a jar

Optional: Put in a chocolate stick.

Voila. All sorted. No one would be wiser and people would actually think you must have slaved over making these. Win win :) 

p.s. My cake didn't break. My cake just wouldn't ok?  :) 
The pieces were leftover cake from another cake being leveled off before being frosted. 

Sneak peak at the actual cake: 

rose frosted cake
This the base tier of a 3 tiered cake we did for someone. They didn't send us the photo of the cake fully assembled :( 

Plus some matching cupcakes: 

rose frosted cupcakes


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