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HOW TO: 'Tache Removal

The mustache: Creepy on guys and not the prettiest on girls.
If you have one, it's normal. Every girl gets one. You know when you start to bloom into a woman and body hairs starts to sprout all over? Yep! 
The darker your skin, the more visible your 'tache. Simples :) If it doesn't bother you then kudos to you. If it does however then fear not, we have some of the best removal methods (non-permanent) for you below: 

Shaving: DON'T. Just don't. While it is a myth that shaving hair will make it grow back thicker (shaving cuts the hair shaft which can make it appear thicker), it will grow back stubble like. AND you'll have a 5 o'clock shadow. Not pretty at all. 

Bleaching: This is potentially okay if you are fair skinned but generally avoid. You will end up with ginger hair and it will be more obvious than it was before. Especially in sunlight....

[True story; A desi friend of a friend had a mustache that one of her friends advised her to bleach. She ended up with ginger hairs above her lip. Like a ginger cat's ginger hair. I hope she ditched that friend....]

Waxing: Fast, efficient, and hair free for a good while. However, over time it thins the skin above your lip and you end up with a permanent shadow (this is more evident the lighter your skin is). 

Approved ways: 

1. Threading: Your BEST option really. Gets rid of unwanted hair, pretty fast and you stay hair free the longest. Plus the hair grows back thinner. You can do it yourself or get your local beauty parlour lady to do it for you. 

*For some reason I can't tolerate upper lip threading. It's pretty unbearable to me and I consider what I have a high pain threshold, but upper lip threading is a complete no no for me*

 2. Epistick: This is a stainless steel coil with 2 plastic knobs on both side. You bend it into a U shape and twist the knobs back and forth. Results are similar to threading.This is my preferred method. I normally do it while watching television. Takes me about 5 minutes. The best part? It costs less than a pound (I got mine for 99 pence from Ebay) and lasts for absolutely ages (I have 3 of these, just because, and the oldest one is about 5-6 years old and shows no signs of needing replacing). Best one pound I have ever spent. Pick one up from Ebay (Ebay International Seller,  Ebay UK seller)  Comes with free shipping and all.  Just go buy one. 

3. Depilatory cream: Basically hair removal cream. You leave it on for a set time, then wipe off. Follow with a moisturising cream. This is Nigar's and Mum's favourite method. I occasionally use this when I don't have time to sit and use my beloved Epistick. I don't love it. But it gets the job done. 

Nigar recommends Boots Facial Hair Removing Cream, and Nads' Facial Hair Removal Cream. Both comes with a finishing cream to apply. 

It's very important to do a test patch when using a removal cream. I had an allergic reaction to the Boots one. Not pretty at all. But Nigar uses it without any problems. So save yourself the pain, embarrassment and burnt skin and do the test patch first. 

N.B. you feel more pain during certain time of the month (linked to your hormonal cycle) so it might be less painful to wax/thread/use the Epistick at certain times if they normally cause you pain. 

What's your favourite removal method? Or do you prefer to rock the 'tache?
Share below. 


  1. Such cute pictures! And a very helpful post. :)
    I use tweezers. Is that weird?

    1. Not weird at all! I used to tweeze before :) I should add that in there. Had forgotten about it! Thanks

  2. I generally go for threading. Since I dont know how to do it on my own I get it done along with my eyebrows. And for other days I swear by Epistick. They are so handy and easy to use. I got one for my mum who hate going to parlours and after my marriage is using Epistick as a Pro. Nice post, really liked cat's ginger hair part lol

  3. I am going to buy the epistick now... thank you

  4. lol! look at the ginger hair picture! :D Btw, I have always wondered how will i survive if I had to like in UK/US because I have heard that the parlors there are pretty darn costly. Although I don't have much hair on upper lips (I'll be fine even if I never get them threaded, though I still do), I do have to get my eyebrows threaded fortnightly. So how does that work in UK unless you thread them yourselves? :/

    1. Not at all!
      Of course there are places that charge extortionate prices, but it really depends where you go. We pay £5, and get them done every month. There are places that charge £2.50, but we like to stick to the salon that does ours, as we've been going to them for years and we know we can trust them not to ruin our brows!

      Not even stereotyping, but the asian girls who do them do tend to charge less, and in some places, like in department stores, where the target audience is western women, they charge £10 plus, which is ridiculous.

  5. Ok I must have been living in a hole because I'd never heard of an epistick!

    1. It's not widely talked about but best pound you'll spend!

  6. Cute pictures of Nigar!
    I do threading my self, every weekend and sometimes in parlor when I go for eyebrows threading. I also never heard of epistick, wonder if it would be available in India?

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