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OOTD | Nigar's Graduation

I graduated this week! Woohoooo. After 17 years of education, I have finally received the piece of paper I got myself into debt for. 

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Primark

I kept the face the same as always really plus lashes. 
Cut crease eyeshadow, eyeliner, pale pink blush, bronzer, and Inglots 408 lipstick. Oh and eyebrows of course! Lashes were Ardell's 105's. 
Bourjois So Laque Glossy in 05.Taupe Modele 

We went for dessert after Iftar that night, and this is what I wore. I actually went home and slept in full makeup and what not, and it was all there when I woke up for iftar. I was impressed. The lashes had to go though. 

Top: H&M | Skirt: Primark | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Primark

The whole family came of course. Kayennat wearing a H&M long sleeved blue maxi, which is unfortunately out of stock, and moms wearing a white and black maxi from Mango via Asos. Also, wearing flats from Primark in this picture cause I was not going to tempt fate and walk in heels all day.
 So upset this picture is blurry :(


  1. Wait, 17 years of education? I thought you guys were doing your Masters or something, this sounds like your bachelors. (little confused between Indian and UK education system). Congrats by the way. :) I love the Primark skirt the most. :D

    1. Hey Srish, Nigar just got her Bachelor's. I am on my second degree (also another Bachelor's). You know coz I love education so much....
      We start school at the age of 5ish here and academic year starts in September. We do GCSE (O LEVELS) in year 11 (about 16 years of age), A levels in year 13 (about 18 Years of age) then uni after that. Hope that helps :)

  2. Congratulations, Nigar! :) Might I add that you look lovely.
    And I really like the family photos. Your mum and Kayennat look so cute.

    My Mum's in London and I've been going on shopping websites (Primark, New Look, M&S etc.) to select the stuff that I want from there, and the gingham midi that you wore was something that caught my attention too (on the Primark site yesterday).



    1. Hate the primark website (love the shop though). You can't buy anything on there. Its annoying. And different stores carry different things and once popular stuff goes out of stock they don't bother replacing it! The Asos website is really good if anything catches your fancy there (they carry many brands plus own brand and always have a permanent*clearance* section that's greatly reduced.

  3. SO LOVELY. Congratulations. i will be graduating too by the end of this year and i just got an idea on my outfit of that day. thanks


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