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Three Things Thursday | Three Fashion 'Trends' That Irk me

We all have those things that have evolved in terms of fashion around that they cannot stand. Here are three of mine.

1. Wearing leggings as trousers. 
If I can see your panties, then you need to get a thicker pair of bottoms. By trousers I mean that there is nothing else, say a top, covering your derriere. No matter how sexy it is. I have actually seen a girl wear black leggings with white underwear. And of course I could see it all underneath. Please, just do all of us, and yourself, a favour and just wear a longer top, or actual trousers/jeans, even jeggings! 
Image Source: Google

2. Birkenstocs.
My Dadi, paternal grandma, wore these before they were in fashion. I don't get how hip they've become because one designer came out and starting selling them for 100th of the price that we can get them back home for. They are ugly, and need to stay on the feet of our elders and not on the feet of young 'hip' kids. 

Classic Birkenstock Rio Birko Flor Black Narrow 031793 - BLACK
Image source: Birkenstock website.

3. Flatforms.
Just what the hell. 
I have nothing else to say. 

Image Source: Zara

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. Do check them out. 


  1. I hear you loud and clear on all 3 - birks and flatforms are especially fugly.

  2. Lol, I love all of your three fashion irks, especially the see-through leggings!

  3. hahaha! we might be the same person!!! three of my peeves as well!!

    <3 Sarita

  4. See the undies or not, totally hate leggings as pants. And I don't own any birkens but sometimes do like them with a particular kind of look on other people.


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