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Three Things Thursday

1. Ramzan is hereee. 
Ramzan came so quickly this year! For those of you observing the month, Ramadan Mubarak! It's only 20 hours of fasting here in the not bad at all :) 

2. Mormon the rabbit 
Nigar: So the bunny has a habit of doing bad things and then running away from it. Earlier he came into my room, after a week of not being allowed to as my bed was without a mattress and so I wasn't actually in there at all. Seeing him there, I went downstairs to grab his potty. I got back up and couldnt see him, I went to my room and there, infront of my wardrobe was a puddle of pee. I then heard Kay say something to him, and it turns out he ran away to her room then went downstairs before I could shout at him. 

3. My new room;
Kayennat: Me and Nigar have been working on my new room for a couple of weeks, so sanding, painting, re-painting, wallpapering, building Ikea furniture and so on. It now looks so lovely. 

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh Mirch, Pink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. We love Raj from Pink Chai Living, and she is just one of the loveliest people! She invited us to join in and we were so happy she did. 


  1. Ramzan Kareem girls! :)

  2. Love the fairy lights n the cushion. U have an awesome blog...

  3. SO pretty! I wish my bed were as cute! I just started following you on GFC! I really liked your blog and would love for us to stay in touch:D! If you also have an Instagram account we could follow each other there too:D! I hope you come by my blog sometime and like it too.

    Stay in touch!


  4. Your bunny is very cute and seems quite mischievous :) And the renovated room looks so lovely! Really happy to have you linking up to #3thingsthursday and I totally agree, Raj is fabulous!

    1. Oh he is so so so naughty! I'll proper pictures up once it's fully done. Now looking at the before and I can't believe how bad it was before (all credits to me there, the walls were black....)

  5. Replies
    1. They're cute but hard work :D This one is very naughty!


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