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Three things Thursday

How this week has flown past! Actually this entire year is flying by. These are the 3 things I've been loving this week. 

1. Healthier eating; been eating like a pig recently and just kept feeling so crappy/bloated/nauseated after. So I've decided to get back on track and be better. This week I've learnt to like salmon. This was previously a fish I couldn't eat. I don't like fish actually (apart from tuna in a can; which in my opinion isn't real fish but man I love tuna in a can), so feel really proud of myself for having it twice in one week and not hating it. *pats back*

2. Adum; this is my new rug and he's called Adum. Picked him up from IKEA and he's so soft and comfy and lovely. I haven't slept all night and I got out of bed because I didn't wanna keep playing on my phone/tossing and turning which would disturb the hubby. Bless him he looks so adorable while sleeping and I am resisting all urges to pinch his nose  So I've been rolling on Adum. He's lovely. We're going to be good friends.....

3. My mum; we argue like cats and dogs but she loves me and I love her. Yesterday she told me she never wants me to leave her and go. She's not warm and fuzzy and it was ever so sweet of her to say that. I love you too mum :)

What are some of the things you've been loving this week? 

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance


  1. LOVE Salmon and your mum is super cute!!

    1. Well done you! Super healthy food and great for your skin/hair. And thank you :)


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