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Wedding Diaries | Saree Style Zarine Khan Collection

[ This is a repost of one of our earlier posts, circa 2012. We were getting so many spam comments on it that I thought I would just repost and see if that solved the problem. ]

This is the outfit I wore to my bro-in-laws brothers wedding reception. The event was held in the wonderful restaurant Akbars, Birmingham. I love this place, the food and the decor, is so nice, that we didn't really need to do much to make it better. 

I wore a sari, and as this was only my 2nd time wearing one, I think I did relatively well. I had bought it online on after searching throgh the internet for the best priced one. It was from the Zarine Khan collection, so quite a few websites were selling them. 


Instagram Pictures! @nigar_

Buy Here : (Cbazzar is not stocking the sari at this point in time, but Utsav is.)

I was very happy with the quality of the sari. The blouse came unstitched, which was great as I wanted it made here in the UK. There were options for: readymade stitched saree, £10, customised inskirt, £8, and fall and edging work, £1. I think these were amazing prices, but only went for the fall/edging work. There was also an option for made -to-measure blouses'.

I had my doubts about buying online, but after seeing the Zarine Khan collection, I fell in love with quite a few of them. So after shopping around, I ordered it, and it came within 2 weeks, which was amazing in my eyes. I have not been asked to review anything, and all opinions are my own. I just think that a lot of people have doubts about buying asian clothes online, and after having a wonderful first experience, I want to share this.

Edit* Click for close up of Kayennat's Lehenga 

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  1. I Love the sari!! Looks really good, I always see some really pretty things on Utsav, CBazaar etc but always worry they wont look so good in person but I'm glad Im wrong!

    1. I was iffy about it too at first! But we get most our sari's from Utsaav now. Just make sure you know what material you're buying and what the colour is, as the colour may vary slightly due to the dyeing process.

      And thank you! :)

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