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Hair Week: Conditioner Cleansing

A lot of people don't use conditioners but could you go shampoo free?

I've recently been conditioner cleansing (about 4 months). It's basically using a cleansing conditioner (a low foaming to no foaming product) to wash your hair. It replaces your shampoo and conditioner in one step. You basically apply the cleansing conditioner and massage really well into your scalp and hair. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then rinse to reveal silky soft hair.

It probably sounds super gross to those of you who love your bubbles, but it cleanses really gently and effectively. As I mostly wash my hair every 7 ish days I am a good judge of how well a product cleanses your hair. If you have really processed or curly/frizzy hair, then you would notice even more of a difference. It does not dry your hair out and even leaves my hair feeling the lightest it has ever felt. I have a lot of hair so for something to make my hair feeling super light is a big feat. 

Traditional shampoos are satanic. We strip our hair of all moisture and then complain we have dry/frizzy/dull/crappy/no locks. Cleansing conditioners lifts surface dirt and impurities gently, mostly by using plant based oils to break down crap. 

The 2 that I have tried (super impressed by both): 

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner : The first one I tried and it was instant love. So much so that I went and bought a second bottle to take home (I was at uni when I first tried it).It foams a tiny bit. It leaves hair cleansed, soft, shiny, super light, and smells great. I actually won't be repurchasing this because it's expensive for the amount you get (£17.99 for 190 ml), and I have to use a fair bit on my long hair. However in comparison to other cleansing conditioners on the market it is one of the lower priced ones. If money isn't an issue, then buy it. It's nothing short of amazing. Love Love Love. 

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner: I tried this in a bid to find a cheaper cleansing conditioner. This is a nice product. It's not as luxurious at the Grow Gorgeous one (in terms of scent, packaging and texture), but that's reflected in the price. It does a similar job. There's absolutely no lather in this one. Give this a try if you want to try conditioner cleansing but don't want to invest a lot of money. 

I really want to try the L'oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner, but that's not available in the UK :( 

Since cleansing conditioners barely lather, you're forced to really work the product into your scalp, effectively massaging it more than you would with a foaming shampoo. This is think is great and makes you clean better and stimulating your scalp more (great for encouraging hair growth, and promoting scalp health). It feels like those massages you're given at the hair dressers. Double win. 

How I incorporate conditioner cleansing in my routine: 

I oil my hair pretty much every single time I wash my hair but sometimes I have to have an impromptu shower. So I'll conditioner cleanse then. Or if I have to shower a few times during the week, e.g. this week I'll have to wash my hair twice (once to do a hair treatment, and second time in preparation for a wedding). It's not strong enough to remove oil from your hair if you have oiled it prior to your shower. I really enjoy conditioner cleansing, and it's something I'll be doing regularly.

However even though it replaces shampoo and conditioner, it does take me longer to wash with cleansing conditioners because you have to leave the product in there for about 5 minutes. I can shampoo and condition in about 3 mins. It's not faster but if you wash your hair regularly then it's a great product as they're really gentle and designed for daily use. My other half is a gym bunny and he showers and washes his hair every day (really not great for your hair). He uses cleansing conditioners regularly since I've bought them and he has noticed a reduction in his hair fall. He switches between the cleansing conditioner and sulphate free shampoos (click here for a list of my favourite sulphate free shampoos). 

Have you ever conditioner cleansed? Does the whole no foaming at all thing sound weird? Are you curious enough to try it? Let me know you're thoughts in the comments. 

Have a good hair week :) 

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