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Instagram Roundup

So we've had a pretty busy few weeks. In the meantime here's a roundup of all our Instagram pics for a quick catch up from the last 2 weeks 3 weeks! It's hair week here this week so don't forget to tag us using the hashtag #desidossierhair. 
edit:  Had to interrupt posting for our hair week as we are a bit caught up with a family wedding. I'll post the remaining hair posts next week. Apologies!

Starting off with a beautiful moody face picture of Kay
Onto a baking adventure of making Friands. 

The final product! It was so nice, and looks so pretty.
I got inspired to try a dhoti sari after Raj from Pink Chai mentioned it on her facebook page. I used this tutorial from Miss Malini. 
Kayennat posted her amazing juicing diaries, so if you haven't tried it out, then please do!

My new dress for my cousins wedding arrived! Here's a sneak peak.

Kay's ombre nails; these are the polishes she used.

And my electric blue nails! 
Kayennat's face of the day products.

And her attempt at showing how she contours and highlights. 

Rings anyone?

Wedding Selfieeee
Family Car Selfiee

hello good skin.....

Kay had another wedding the day after 

Tried the new L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and love the results 

Kay made some home made, 100% natural deodorant (it's the bomb she says) 

and she's dying her hair copper. Hair woes when you need 2 box of  dyes for your locks 

Shopping Selfie 

Sister Sister.....

A few of Kayennat's nail of the days 

and her gorgeous splatter nails

I worked out with the bunny 


and Kay discovered a new hair treatment (It's amazing and smells delicious)

Click here to read all about it! 

Did a feather nail manicure! 

A quick OOTD

Attended the #selfridgesbbloggers event. It was great fun

Kay and her ring obsession 

and her jewellery for the wedding today

Sneak peak at our outfits 

And some late night doodling for the guest book! 

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Have a great weekend 



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