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Wellness Diaries: Juicing

Juicing is a controversial topic; some people thinks it's the best thing since skinny jeans, others are just confused by the whole idea and can't get past the idea of why people would want do drink their veggies and think it's really unhealthy. Do your research and make up your own mind.
Just search for juicing people on Instagram and one look at their bodies will erase any doubts of juicing being unhealthy. 

I love juicing. It's great from when you're feeling really sluggish and need a kick-start into a healthy routine. It's also a great way in getting nutrients from some things you would never normally eat. Like beetroot. Pay me and I would still refuse to eat a beetroot. Taste like dirt. But beetroot juice and me are buddies. I love it, my husband asks for it regularly (he even refuses to try my green smoothie) and even veggie hating Nigar drinks it. 

There's a lot of health claims out there about how juicing cures cancer, cures diabetes, makes you lose weight, gives you the best skin, strengthens your immune system,  gives you the love of your life and makes you richer. Bear in mind there's no actual sound scientific evidence for those. However that's not to say it's not beneficial; 

When you juice, you extract vitamins and minerals and they become more bio-available (easier for your body to absorb, as they don't have to be "digested" per say). It's a little shot of potent goodness. And in theory should help you strengthen your immune system, give you better skin, aid digestion. Of course that means juicing regularly, not once a year. 

The benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables can't be matched in any supplements. Any health care practitioner worth their weight will tell you supplements are the ultimate last resort. They're unnatural and has very low bio-availability, and hard for your body to actually absorb. 

Taking a pill is not the same as eating a fresh piece of fruit/vegetable. 
If you take supplements, make sure it has been suggested by the doctor because you have an actual deficiency not because you just picked it up from the health store because the label said it would cure all your problems. It is very easy to do more harm than good with supplements (I digress). 

When we're talking about juicing, we're talking about a fresh juice you've just made in your juicer, nothing that come ready made in a carton; no Tropicana shit (heat treated, vitamins destroyed, then supplemented vitamins are added to replace the lost ones, stay away). 

You always want a higher ratio of vegetables to fruits.

Below are my 3 favourite juices. All 3 tastes really good. 

carrot juice, beetroot juice, pineapple juice, juicing, apple juice
I know I only have 2 carrots pictured here when I say 3 in the ingredients, that's because these carrots were pretty small and once I juiced it wasn't enough so I added an extra carrot in each.
1. Carrot Zing

3 Carrots, 
2 Apples 
1 Lemon
A teaspoon of freshly grated ginger 

2. Beetroot Blend 
(this juice has the most beautiful colour ever, see below for an accurate colour in day light, so pretty!)

1 Beetroot
3 Carrots 
2 Apples 

3. Pina Colada 
(favourite juice; tastes the best) 

1 Pineapple 
1/2 can of coconut milk 
(ok so there's no vegetables in this one but pineapples are full of great nutrients and this tastes just like a pina colada- sans the alcohol) 

Juice and enjoy 

This is the juicer I use and I love it; cleaning it is a breeze. Literally takes 2 minutes to dismantle and  clean.

Fresh juices are best consumed straight away, if not then store in the fridge. They'll keep for about 24-48 hours in a sealed airtight container. Always wash your vegetables/fruits before juicing. 

Beautiful picture of beetroot juice: 

beetroot juice
Tell me that this juice isn't pretty! 
Does anyone have a favourite green juice recipe? I've tried apple, cucumber, celery and lemon and while it wasn't the worst tasting juice, it wasn't the most enjoyable either.

I did a 24 hour juice cleanse recently and it really helped me "detox" and "cleanse" my body. 

Are you a juicer? What's your favourite juice? Ever done a juice cleanse? 
Share your thoughts below. 


  1. I love juicing but I actually prefer smoothies, so I tend to make more of those. Thank god, my husb likes it too!
    I'd like to try a juice cleanse but don't think I'd be successful ... i've tried going through my day with only smoothies and water and well ... it didn't work out too well - I got super hungry! Hahah! Great post!

    1. I love smoothies! What's your favourite combo?
      Am going to write up a juice cleanse post with tips for completing it!

  2. Good post, am always confused abt juices.. Do chk out my post

  3. Darn it my comment went awol..can't wait to try the juices out they look miles better than the green hulk juice I make lol

    1. Tried a green juice the other day and it was strictly OK....I'd have a green smoothie over it any day lol

  4. Great post! I always think about juicing but haven't invested in one. I'd really be interested in your juice cleanses post!

  5. Will a blender do? Nice to see such colorful juice.

    1. Hey Riya, if you put it into a blender you'll end up with a smoothie and it would probably taste different (more concentrated, so you might have add some extra water to make it taste better)

  6. I've been totally considering inserting a natural juice into my day. This is convincing me :O

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