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Wedding Diaries | A Weekend of Wedding; No 1

Last weekend was super busy, We had a mehendi, 2 receptions and a meetup with Caroline Hirons (More on that later). First up, the Saturday Reception. Held at the very lavishly decorated Tipu Sultan Restaurant in Birmingham. This restaurant is stunning and has the most beautiful floor length mirrors. I am really not a fan of their food, I've had better off the streets. It's like they blew their budget on the decor and had to hire mediocre chefs. Oh well, rant over!

We arrived and took some pictures in the car park while we waited for the dholl players to arrive.

I added some ombre-ish highlights in my hair the day before so it's full on ginger in these pics. Bear with me, I'm undergoing a colour transformation. I want to have copper locks. I ended up with Nigar's bag somehow.

I was not in the mood to wear Asian clothes so I re-wore an old maxi dress I had. Threw on my favourite current pair of heels, and tried to do something with my hair. In hindsight the lipstick I had on massively clashed with my hair colour!

Nigar wore a saree which we've had for a long time (see how she wore it previously here). She wore it with a new crop top. Honestly I know Ridhi Mehra has been credited for the whole crop top trend but we've been wearing crop tops with sarees for years! It was all Nigar's idea.

The dholl players came and we trotted inside

How amazing is that chandelier?! 

We ate some food (that green thing is a "hara bhara kebab")  and 

took some selfies. 
We went home, to recuperate for the next day.Why do so many weddings come together?! 

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