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Wedding Diaries | A Weekend of Wedding; No 2

Last Sunday, we had the final part of our cousin's wedding. See what we wore on the first day here.
I had seen a picture of Anushka Sharma on Instagram wearing an outfit that I fell in love with and had to have. I went to the fabric shop, found my fabric and went to my in law with my screenshot.

I chose to add a little train at the back of the "dress". Yay for my mother in law's skills and patience with my many demands.

I should have gotten slightly tighter pants but I was un-organised as usual 

I absolutely loved this outfit, and did not want to take it off. I felt damn fierce parading around in it. 

These heels are so pretty and very very comfortable. They are the Asos Harlequin Heels and I highly recommend them. 

I kept my face simple, with a winger liner and a pink lip

I bought this ear cuff last year in the sales waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it, and it had finally come. It was £1 from Primark (one of my favourite shops ever)

I added a pretty floral earring in the other ear (old, from Forever 21). Nude Pink nails finished my "soft" look for the edgy outfit

I used Nigar's purple shampoo to cancel out some of the brassiness from the day before (click here to see). It did wonders!

Nigar also got her outfit made by my mother in law. She wanted a flowey lehenga, and me and her went to choose her fabric. It looked more beautiful than we both expected and the colours we chose went perfectly together, Just a feminine, pretty, dreamy and classy looking outfit. 

Awkward shots...

I wanna she says 

A natural face photo. She opted for a dark lip and winged liner. 

Mere haathon mai......she wore a mix of my wedding bangles. This shows that you don't always have to "match" your bangles to your outfit. There's no pink in her outfit and yet these bangles complimented her outfit perfectly. 

She also wore a crystal neckalce with some pearls in it (This was a customised piece for me from Chohan's, Ladypool Road)

To end with a couple of obligatory hair shots, I am so proud of my work on her hair! 

Feeling our "diy" outfits? 
Let us know your comments below 


  1. I especially liked Nigar's outfit (and of course, the baby blue of your outfit is amazing!). Since I always feel like speaking my mind here, I also want to add that I did not like those sewing joints on Nigar's lehnga, ummm, I am not sure what to call them, you know those stitching lines on the lehnga? Any idea about how those can be avoided?

    PS: Love the primark earcuff and the crystal Necklace!

    1. Hey Srishty. I am so glad you feel you can speak your mind here! I really appe that :D
      I think the ghera lines were more visible here because the top fabric was ultra transparent and because the lining was a contrasting gold colour. But I know what you mean! The way to avoid it completely would be to sew it differently. By folding the fabric on top to create flare rather than by having gheras to create flare.... Hope that make sense. I'm planning on getting another one done in this style so I'll put up the how to then!

  2. Really liked your outfit Kayennat. I love such flowing fabric and long trains

  3. Love both the outfits..ur ma in law is a gem to have sewed not just urs but ur sisters attire the outfits r classic. N the hair????o my..

  4. I love both the KIY outfits, especially how they flow. That's awesome that your MIL did them for you!!

  5. Both these outfits are stunning. The second one I just love the jewelry you paired with it. So beautiful!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hey it is coral, the light made it look more pink here :)


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