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Adventures on YouTube | Sister Tag Video

We got a phone with a pretty decent video camera. We also have a fake gorilla pod to attach the phone to. Add those together and what do you get? YouTube Videos!

Now I'm not promising tutorials of any sort. The S5 camera ain't that good. We did however, film a sister tag video a few weeks back, but it got backlogged due to work and weddings and events. I finally managed to finish editing it last night, and straight onto YouTube it went! 

Its not our first video, as I did do a What's in a my Bag video last year (as if its been so long.) and I've kept promising to make new videos but just never got round to it! I have such respect for people who put new videos up every few days. 

You can either check us out on YouTube, or watch down below! 


  1. aww Kayennat your hair looks put up a tutorial on grecian updo if possible..:)
    Nigar u resemble Diana Penty lots ! like really lots !! great post guys :)

    1. hahah thanks Jas! This was a bad hair day lol. And yes we need to do that grecian updo tutorial. We promised to do one last year but never got round to it! We're trying to make good on all our promises xD
      - Kayennat

  2. Oh I loved watching this! You two should film more of these :)


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