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Mani, Rabbia, Yasmin, Kayennat, Sharn, Nazma, Nina, Nigar, Raj, Sara, Mandavi 
Over the weekend we went to London. We go often, but this weekend was extra special. We went to our first blogger meetup! It was arranged by Nina from the Asian Fashion Journal via twitter, which consisted of quite a few twitter messages between everyone. Kayennat was the one on our twitter at that point because it got quite confusing for me! But at the end of it a meetup had been arranged! Nina emailed us to arrange dates and times and places, and it was set for Sunday. I followed some of these girls' blogs already, some secretly because I'm not really a commenter, oops!, so it was lovely to have met them in real life. We all blog about Asian fashion, weddings, and life. 

Nina also got Mani Jassal to attend. She's a stylist and designer who makes such gorgeous designs. I am quite in love with the majority of her skirts, such as this gorgeous piece here. She's from Toronto, Canada, but was in London at the time. Check her out! 

It was really nice to meet other girls who blog about similar things, well blog in general I guess, because none of my friends blog, and we don't really talk to our friends about it. We got to talk about how we started, what we do, our lives outside of blogging. Raj (Secret Wedding Blog) wrote a lovely paragraph that I just have to steal! 

Having a great support system is priceless. Everyone was genuinely excited about each other’s blog successes which I admire. There was no competition, just so much praise and interest. I would definitely recommend attending a bloggers meet up or arranging one yourself. You will leave feeling excited to have made new friends who you can connect with, feel inspired and motivated to blog again (if you are going through writers block – we've all been there!)

 I really do feel motivated to blog more! All of these girls are so successful with their blogs that it really makes me want to work harder on ours. I think we both came away from this meetup feeling inspired, motivated, and with the excitement of possibly hosting the next meetup! I can't wait to meet all these lovely ladies again. It would be nice to get to know them all better.

The Girls;
Mani Jassal - Mani
Pehrani - Yasmin
Sara K Blog - Sara
Red Notebook Stylist - Mandavi
My Friends think I'm Google - Ash (Nazma's sister who took the picture above so she's not in it!)

Do check out their blogs!

I didn't get to speak to everyone as much as I would have liked, but there was quite a few of us, so until next time ladies! Signing off with a few pictures of the day. Can't wait to do another one of these! 

Kayennat and her selfies.

I did start off the day wearing gray wedges, but changed into flats after the meetup. Don't want to aggravate my ankles too much! (sprained it a while back by falling down some stairs and still not been to see the doctor, oops.)
The Book Club is such a nice place! I loved the atmosphere and the decor.

I love street art. And the area around The Book Club was littered with it! That girl on the wall in the background is stunning. 


  1. Looks like so much fun! Wish I knew some Asian bloggers here in Canada, I'd like to do one of these too!
    I'm going to check Mani Jassal out :)

    1. Try find somee! Send a tweet out, do a blog post on it, anything really.

      But Raj Thandi from is in Canada! Salma from is another! Connect with them, they're so lovely :)

  2. Is that a Pret I spot in the background?! You both look like cuties, btw!

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