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Following a few hours of parading around in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, we took the escalators on an impromptu dinner at Itihaas Brasserie. We've been eyeing Itihaas in Selfridges for a while but today was the day. They had an offer for a curry, drink, naan and rice for £10. Which is a bargain considering it's Selfridges we're talking about. This offer runs every Monday and Thursday (although the waiter did say we could have the same offer any day of the week minus weekend).

itihaas brasserie selfridges birmingham

They have a very short and well edited menu, which I really liked. The last thing you want at the end of a long shopping trip is to be overwhelmed by a long menu (happened to us very recently actually, when we went for dinner and the menu was literally a short novel). 

It was easy to pick, I chose chicken and Nigar chose lamb. Our typical orders to most places actually. We placed our orders and waited. The food was freshly cooked on order (and you can see the chef at work). We were there at 7.30 in the evening and being a weekday it was pretty quiet. So as one does we took some photos while waiting for our food. 

 Our manicures; coincidentally we were both wearing the same brand 

Nigar chose a Rubicon Mango

and I my usual Coca Cola. Does it not look like she's having both drinks? 

itihaas brasserie selfridges birmingham

Our food arrived. Their karahis had really long handles. I've never seen that before. We took some shots and tucked in.

itihaas brasserie selfridges birmingham

My chicken Karahi

itihaas brasserie selfridges birmingham

 and Nigar's Lamb curry. 

We asked the waiter to make our food as hot as he could. About 5 minutes into our meal, he came with a bowl of yoghurt because he thought it might be too spicy. It certainly wasn't. We have a really really high tolerance to chillies and I'd definitely say the curry was "mild" in my opinion. But it was really sweet of him. One portion of curry was definitely enough for 2 people and we ended up having to ask for our leftovers to be packed up. 

I do wish they had some desi music going on, and as they're near to Ed's Diner, we were treated to some American Diner music. Not my favourite genre. The food was nice, the atmosphere lovely, the waiters friendly, and the service great. If you're in Selfridges, or the Bull Ring even, consider giving these a guys a go. They're the only halal place in the entire Bull Ring (well there's another halal place that serves mezze type food but they're vegetarian so that's that). 

We left with our bellies full and trotted off to the bus stop. Uber glamourous. 


  1. Nigarrr, you're a lamb girl. I so give my heart to you right now.

  2. like the pic in which Nigar is looking like having both drinks :p :p :p


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