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Follow Us to the Perfecting Beauty Events @ Selfridges Birmingham

I really love beauty events. I find them fun, and there's nothing more exciting than going from counter to counter and swatching products on the back of your hands. 

Yesterday, we went to the Perfecting Beauty Event at Selfridges. Tickets were £10 and redeemable against a purchase. So win win really!

We got ready and off we went. I even wore a new skirt. 

I sat behind Nigar on the bus, you know because it was so empty so why not! I got to stare at her big head luscious locks for the 20 mins journey.

Of course we couldn't just go straight to Selfridges, we got distracted by Superdrug: 

I wanted to pick up something from Bourjous, and

Nigar got distracted by eyeshadows. 

Barry M had their Autumn/Winter collection out. 

We made a purchase and off we went on the escalators to the Selfridges Beauty Hall. 

We were given these super cute wristband to wear 

and greeted by even cuter waiters with drinks


I chose a Cashew milk. I made my own cashew milk before and it was foul so I thought I'd try a professionally made one. Nope, it wasn't me. It was still foul. I'll stick to my beloved coconut and hazelnut milk.

Nigar and her new besotted....

The New Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette was beautiful 

We were treated to chocolates all night long. 

They were as delicious as the looked. 

Sally Hughes was the guest of honour and there was an edit of her favourite products, which included Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Mac Cremeblend Blush, Nars Blushers, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Illamasqua Green Eyeshadow, and Mac Lady Danger Lipstick.

We made an Illamasqua purchase and were treated to a flower Lollipop. How cute were they? They only gave us one though :( 

I love Bobbi Brown, and while she gets a lot of flack for a lot of her collections looking alike, you can't deny how wearable her looks are. 

The Smokey Nudes Collection

The Smokey Nudes Collection

The Smokey Nudes Collection

The Smokey Nudes Collection

I've been waiting for this to arrive and I snapped one up. This is a Selfridges Exclusive set and if you want one then drop Rose an email on and she can arrange a mail out. She's the personal beauty shopper for Selfridges. 

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is the only beauty book I have and it's beautiful. It makes a great gift for any beauty junkie as well as a great coffee table book. 

This is her Everything Eyes book

I was enamored by this palette. You can get this custom filled with a corrector, concealer, foundation stick (love), Lip Color, Pot Rouge and a Lip Balm. This would make for a great travel kit. I don't use lip balm and not too fond of the Pot Rouge texture so I'd swap those for a darker foundation stick to contour with.  

Bobbi Brown offers free make up lessons and I'd really recommend them if you're stuck for inspiration. As you can see there's a lot of options. 

Nigar deep into the Everything Eyes book.

She got distracted by this red blush, 

which I had to apply on her and oopsy, too much! She looked not too bad....

Thankfully Chris Howells, the national makeup artist from Laura Mercier was on hand to fix her up

He gave her a smokey eye and semi sheer lip 

 Loved his glasses 

In the meantime I was distracted by other pretty things 

How divine is this green gel liner? I had to pick one up 

My OOTD, snapped mid pose. Awkward....

Well this is somewhat better....

Nigar's feet started to hurt (I wore flats), 

 and she had to change into something more comfortable. Who else carries a comfortable pair of shoes with them when going out in heels? 

She really wanted this hat.....

She REALLY wanted it

Surprisingly Nigar didn't buy anything and all purchases were made by me....Oopsy.  We left the beauty hall and headed to the food hall where we had dinner.More on that tomorrow. This was a long post.... 

Do you like such events? They're really fun and relaxed. Most counters were offering free mini makeovers. Do such events happen where you are? 


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