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Food Diaries: Clean Eating Falafel Burgers

These burgers are inspired by falafels. I hate parsley so I replace the parsley with coriander, and because these are "clean eating" burgers there's no flour in them. So that makes them pretty soft and prone to crumbling. But that's good!

This is a great student/working person meal because it literally takes 2 minutes to prepare and 2-4 minutes to cook. So you have no excuse really. A great meal (and really healthy) that hits all the right spots in 5 minutes!

When I come back from uni I normally whisk this up (I normally double the recipe and then have it over 2 meals)


1 can of chickpeas (approx 400g)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/3 teaspoon of cumin
salt + pepper and chillies to taste
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
bunch of coriander

1. Wash and drain your chickpeas. Place in a bowl and add the oil.

2.  Mix with the hand blender until it's a thick paste (if you don't have a hand blender just mash it really well with a fork)

You want to be able to scoop it on a spoon and flip it over without it sliding off
3. Toss in the rest of the ingredient and mix with a fork/spoon/fingers (you can taste it to check if everything is to your taste bud's liking)

4. Form into round patties (oil your hands to it doesn't stick) and place on a hot pan (lightly coated with oil)

5. Takes about 2-4 minutes to cook (only flip over once as they are really soft and can break if you repeatedly flip them)

6. While it's cooking you can wash your salad and cut your cucumbers. I decided to make some grilled vegetables on the side

7. Stuff your face!

If you're not clean eating and want the falafel texture then add a tablespoon of flour in the mix. If your mixture is a bit too "wet" (either you didn't drain the water well, or you added too much oil or you blended it too much) then just cover it up and stick in the fridge for a few hours. Although to be honest even if my mixture is too wet I still cook it and who cares if it crumbles because it tastes so damn good.

These taste amazing in pitta bread or on top of a salad. Serve with some Greek yoghurt and salad. My typical salad is baby leaf salad, cucumbers, and if I have any, then peppers and avocados (don't always have the last 2 when I'm at uni).

This recipe is gluten free (and wheat free) if made as is (and not eaten with bread). So really great if you're on a gluten free/wheat free diet or have Coeliac Disease.


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