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OOTD | First Two Weeks of Work Placement

Hello guys! I started a work placement two weeks ago. Woohoo!
The office environment is very relaxed which is just perfect for me! I don't do pant suits. And this way, I get to dress in my own style without having to buy a new wardrobe!! It is only three days a week, so only 3 outfits per week. Also, we're not fashion bloggers, so I'm not super fashionable. Sometimes the outfits I put together work, others, it's complete shambles. I'm still working on my own personal style and dress sense, as I think I will probably do forever really. 

I forgot to take pictures the first week, so I re-wore my outfits again on Wednesday this week and took them, so thats why hair and makeup is the same. Also, I didn't get a picture of my day 6 outfit as my got bunny pee on my knee 5 minutes after I walked through the door. Nice. I am not going to put where I got everything, as most of these things are no longer going to be in stores. The ones that I got recently I shall link in. 

Day 1
I wore a dogtooth print bodycon dress, green (or it could have been red, I forgot after a week) cardigan, maroon shoes, and there was originally black tights. I just could not be bothered to put tights on. 
I realise how unflattering around the middle this dress looks. But I'm over it. Also, excuse the bitch face. Its a family problem. 

Look at my pretty Primark Shoes.
Dress from Select.
 Day 2
Relaxed day for me. I wore pyjama style trousers in a chevron print, a long sleeved shirt/blouse, and that gorgeous black and white flower print jumper. I've quite literally lived in it. We went to the Selfridges beauty event after this day (original Thursday, not photograph day) and I wore this outfit, just without the shirt underneath. Worn in rip off Zara shoes from Primark. 
I seem to like looking at my feet. 

Jumper from H&M. 
 Day 3
Wore diamond print peg leg trousers, which were rolled up, white short sleeved blouse, and a maroon cardigan, with those pretty primark shoes again. Another thing I live in.

I swear my clothes were not this creased when I actually wore them!

Day 4
Are you seeing red?!
Wore a paisley print 'bodycon' dress. I got this in one size bigger because my butt and tummy need the material. Paired it with maroon tights and shoes, for what I was taught would be an 'elongated' look. I still look short. 

This jacket is new stock to Primark.

 Day 5
Another relaxed day. This was actually taken on the day it was worn. Palazzo trousers in a floral print, loose fit blouse/shirt thing, and those lovely primark shoes in black. Also put on my compass necklace given to me by my best friend as a graduation present.  

So freekin awesome is my hair here! The colour seems to have just gotten better over time. Love love love it!
FIY, Kayennat does my hair colouring at home. 

I know it probably doesn't even look like I'm going work, but I love that about it! 
Until next time!

Harry Potter geek much. Charlene knew to get me this. Cause there really was nothing else to beat this. 


  1. Loving your work style and ombre hair! X

  2. Love the casual (and fun) vibe of your work attire, Nigar!
    My favourite outfit would be #3 and the paisley dress one!
    Also, how versatile are those burgundy shoes?! :)


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