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Food Diaries | Oven Baked Rainbow Trout with Spicy Parsley Butter

I think everyone knows how good (oily) fish is for you. Everyone goes on about salmon that I think the other fish are just get forgotten about. Although I'm sure they're (the fish) not all that bothered. Rainbow Trout is a new favourite in our household. We discovered it on a shopping trip to Marks and Spencers during Ramadan, and was great as it filled us up, was healthy, and tasted so good! Now of course, the butter part isn't that healthy, but I think it really adds to the taste, as I've had it without the butter and its just not the same. However, I will add in an alternative at the end if you do not want to use butter. 

I will be having a post up soon all about the goodness of fish - along with some downsides. :0


Greaseproof Baking Paper - oven paper
A Block of Butter
Chilli Flakes
Salad of your choice



1. Wash your fillets well. This removes any sliminess that is on the fish - decreasing in the fishy taste. Pat them dry using a tissue - necessary so it doesn't stick to the baking paper while in the oven. Lay skin down. I normally eat two fillets for a meal  

Does anyone helps have kitchen towels around the sink to sock up water from the counter?!

2. Sprinkle your salt and pepper - I usually do about 2-3 twists of the salt grinder for both fillets, and go crazy with the pepper. Cut a few small blocks of butter - I do around 3 1 penny sizes per fish. Put it on top of the fillets and pop into the oven at full temperature (around 250 for my oven) for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter if you got a little over this time. 

3. In the mean time while your fish is baking, you can do the dishes, clean your kitchen, feed your cat. 

4. Around 10 minutes in, start preparing your plate. I usually add some baby/organic spinach, cut some cucumber, and add a bit of salt. Mom normally has baby salad, with pepper and avocado. 

5. Prep your butter. Cut a few more slices of butter, pop into a small pan. Add in your parsley and chilli flakes. For the sake of this post I put half and half into a table spoon, but as with most of our households cooking, I normally play it by eye and see how it goes. Cooking is an art! 

6. Before you melt the butter, wait for the fish to be done. Take it out once your 15 minutes are up - I find using a timer, be it an actual timer or one on your phone, very helpful. Use a spatula to plate the fish up.

7. Melt your butter. It literally takes a minute - maybe less depending on your small your blocks of butter are. Make sure not to burn it, as butter burns really easily in this quantity. Pour over your fish using a spoon, or if you're badass straight from the pan. 

8. Eat! 

Let us know if you guys try this! And if you added/changed anything - could inspire us! 
BTW - I take no credit not for this recipe as Kayennat taught me it. 

Much love!


  1. I've actually never tried trout before! The recipe looks very simple to make, and tasty, thanks for sharing.

    1. Its soooo nice! And its good for you. what can be better!

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