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Skin Diaries | Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Review

Im going to say this straight away. This is an amazing product. Its literally changed my skin care forever. This cleanser was originally made for men, but is so bloody amazing that I would grow a beard if need be. Now, onto why and how.

Why its great:

 It has; 
-> No Parabens,
-> No Glycols
-> No Sulfates
-> No Synthetic Dye
-> No Phthalates 
-> No Triclosan
-> No Silk Amino Acids
-> No GMO's

So basically, all the unnecessary shit you don't need to be putting on your skin, is removed. 

It contains 4.9% Glycolic Acid but then counteracts that with chamomile and aloe vera for a more soothing finish. So it doesn't just strip your skin. It also contains vitamins A, C and E. No, I don't know what they do. But it must be useful right?

It is a creamy consistency that does not foam up when mixed with water. So there isn't the dryness that occurs with foaming cleansers. I read something on Caroline Hirons blog a while back ago foaming cleaners;

Stay clear of 'foaming' on the bottle (there is the odd exception, but they are few and far between) - to get foam you need to use a surfactant - and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria. 

This lady is so great which skincare that you should really check out her blog. And she's got a great sense of humor, both in person and through her words. 

How I use it:

I use it twice a day, everyday. If I miss it once then I might end up with a spot, so I am very strict about keeping to my twice daily routine. If I have makeup on then I'll oil cleanse it off first, then use this (double cleansing is a thing, really. Just like when you oil your hair and sometimes feel like you need to double shampoo.). Since it does not foam you might feel like its not cleansing your skin like a foaming cleanser would, but trust me it is. It's even better. 

I find my skin brighter and softer after using, and don't even feel the need to put a night cream on before bed (although I do use oil). My skin has changed so drastically and is just amazing. I have recently been eating a lot of crap which is counterproductive for my skin and tummy (and thighs and health) and so my face has had a few small spots here and there, although definitely not as much as I would have had a few months ago when I was not using this. I've been using this for over 3 months now. 

It is priced at £21 for 237ml - how random is that amount .. 

Now it is a little pricey, but for the changes that I've seen, I don't mind paying for it.
Think about it this way, its cheaper than a Nars foundation, and the same price as a Mac one. Now, which would you rather; great skin, or a good foundation to hide shitty skin. I know which I would choose. 

Anthony Website
Mankind - stockist

Have you guys tried any other non foaming cleansers (and I don't mean oil ones) and loved them? Or this one even? 

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