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Wedding Diaries | A Tale of 3 Dresses (Part 2)

It was a warm day in old London town, and we were excited for the wedding. It took us the usual 3 hours to get ready. GIRLS! Grab a drink as this is a picture heavy post. We were late for the wedding, but lucky for us so were most of the bride's guests so we managed to get some pictures outside the venue while we were waiting. Yay for the small blessings. 
(read part 1 here)


She thinks she's a bloomin' princess

She ended up wearing these shoes as when she tried the blue ones I selected for her (they were too high for her un-healed ankle) 

She decided to go for a braided updo. Braids always look better with coloured hair in my opinion. It adds depth and dimension. 

 While getting ready she asked "Shall I wear lashes or not?", I was so disappointed! 

She wore the Ardell Demi Wispies, which are my favourite lashes. She went for a neutral eye, winged linger and a pink lip. 

Her earrings were an old pair of with pearls and crystals; some of them had fallen off and she glued some spare ones on. Upcycle! 

She went for a white manicure with silver glitter. She "borrowed" some of my rings. 


Well hello! I've realised that you can't see my earrings in any of the pictures but I was wearing gold winged earrings. 

I don't like updos, I don't think they suit me and I don't feel comfortable in them. It's like I'm not me! So I always have open hair, and this is the most fancy I get with hair "styling" 

Looking into the horizon....

I've had a bad skin week, I reacted to something and I don't know what! It's annoying. But I also went for a neutral smokey eye, winged liner, beige blushed cheeks, Ardell Demi Wispies lashes, and a red lip. 

My jewel toned manicure and ring candy. I think I need to ask for a gold engagement and wedding ring so they look better when I wear gold rings.....Say what! 


Does she not look so cute? Kept her makeup with a soft brown eye with lots of liner and a bright lip.

She had a pearl bracelet on one arm with a gold cuff on the other hand. Pearl earrings to match.

We gave her a messy side fishtail braid with a really pretty metal floral headband. 

The lipsticks we had on lasted really well (about 8 hours), through food, drinks, talking, and pouting. Who wants to guess what they were? 

What's your favourite outfit? Would you have styled it differently?
Leave us some love in the comments below :) 


  1. Actually, they were MY rings. And I AM a friggin Princess.

  2. You girls look lovely!
    Nigar, pls do a hair tutorial.

    Kayennat, love your make-up. Lipstick shade please? Also, love the soft waves in your hair. They add so much texture and dimension to your hairstyle.

    Your mum looks so cute. That floral headband is so pretty. :)

  3. You guys look gorgeous, I love the dresses! And you're mom is so adorable :)

  4. could you do a tutorial on your hair updo nigar? looks lovely by the way :)!

  5. I really like the dresses! I'm looking for a prom dress where are your dresses from?
    Hansinee x

    1. Thanks Hansinee. The pink one is custom made from and the others are Asos!


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