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Current Loves: Kayennat's Summer Edition

 It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'll do one for thing's I've been loving this past Summer. We are now well into Winter, we seem to have skipped Autumn here in the UK.

Beauty and Skincare Loves

Facial Oils: Love waking up with baby butt soft skin 
I really don't know why people bother with night cream!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: Gives such perfect looking skin
Illamasqua Blushers: Love 
Getting dolled up: I have so many lazy looking like a tramp days that I really enjoy getting made up to go out. 
Nails: Been absolutely loving doing my nails (Hubby doesn't feel the same, he thinks nail polish looks like poop. Is that a general guy feeling? Other guys have also told me they don't like nail polish). 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: No filters on the sefies; top one taken in direct sunlight (the best light ever I think), and below from the front camera

Other Loves 

Home made natural deodorant: AMAHzing, not going back to store bought stuff. Nu uh! 

Matcha tea: basically similar to green tea but it's the whole leaf that's been powdered and you mix it with water and drink. So you consume the whole leaf. It tastes of grass if anyone wondered, but it's really high in antioxidants so hey ho, drink it like it's going out of stock.

Water: If you know me you know I have a Coca Cola addiction and I have been trying to kick it's butt. So far not too bad! 

Working out: Minus the last 2 4 weeks I've worked out pretty much every single day (Back on track now). There's a weird satisfaction in waking up all sore the next day.  The weight loss is just a bonus in comparison to how great you feel. 

Dressing up: I used to always dress up when I go out but recently I have even been going out in tracksuit pants.....terrible I know! But I have consciously been making an effort to dress better.

Rings: I am obsessed with rings! I never seem to have enough...

Eating Clean: I feel really sluggish when I eat crappy, and eating clean just makes so much of a difference.

Home made Deo, matcha tea, Paleo pancakes, green smoothie, boxing gloves 

Non- Loves ...

Eating Clean: Makes me constantly hungry! When you eat clean digestion is easier (metabolism increases), therefore food passes through you very easily, you don't feel sluggish but you get hungrier faster. 

We had an absolutely glorious summer while it was Ramadan and as soon as that was over, the sun disappeared with it too. It's been so cold. (I really like cold weather, but I like hot weather too and we just don't get enough of it)

 Current Book...

Haven't read a book in a long time (not since I read The Reluctant Fundamentalist and it was so pants that it put me off reading), so drop your recommendations below. I like all kinds of books as long as it's good. 

edit: By the time I've published this I've gone and read 3 books: Hills Like White Elephants, Before We Met, and Daughter. The first left me confused (It was a short story by Ernest Hemmingway), and the last 2 were really good reads! Slightly similar in format (they flick between now and the past constantly) but really good reads. Currently reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (I've had this in drafts for so long that I've read that too and currently reading The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness (the final part of the All Souls Trilogy)

Current Song...

This is going to be soundtrack of the year for me is Ek Villain, like there's gonna be a better album this year, huh! 

Current Shows...

Witches of East End is OMG, Mistresses (both show has had their season finale now) and India's Raw Star! Totally been loving the format of this show and how it's different to other music shows. Rituraj is my favorite! (I'm a few weeks behind now) 

What are some of your current loves and non loves?
Anyone read any books that are mind blowing? 
How was your Summer? 
(or Winter, depending on which part of the hemisphere you are from)

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  1. I also didn't get the hype behind the reluctant fundamentalist :( I am currently waiting for the third installment of the Ibis trilogy by Amitav Gosh - if you want something epic you can really get your teeth into this is is brilliant!


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