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As some of our regulars know we had a family wedding recently (outfits here and here), our cousin got married. His wife is completely new to Birmingham and doesn't really know anyone here. We'd only met twice before and didn't have time to talk. Of course, being lovely people we decided to welcome her to the family with a basket! 

It was Kayennat's idea, but as I was the one going into town that day, I bought everything and assembled it. Of course this is fully customisable, but here are some ideas of what you can put in it. 

(Sorry for the bad photos. I only had my phone with me at the time.)

Hand cream- because no one can have enough hand cream right? From Boots.
And of course a mug. For the hot chocolate! From Muji.

Here we have some honey. From Selfridges. 
Two postcards of her new home. From the street vendor on New Street. 

Hot Chocolate. From Hotel Chocolat.

A lovely smelling Yankee candle. From Clintons. 
Three chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. 

Jam. Just because. From Selfridges.

Cookies. From Millies Cookies. 

And the over all basket. Basket from TK Maxx. I wish I'd gotten myself one. 

It doesn't take much to welcome someone into your family, a simple gesture, like this, or a cake, or a pie, or even a card will do. Especially if that person is leaving their family, their home, their city, to come to yours. So please, if you are having someone join your family, I don't mean a baby, but someone who is getting married into your family, make the time and the effort to properly welcome them. It's not much to ask!

Hope this inspires you guys. 
Much love.


  1. so thoughtful and nice :) I hope she liked it. We have many customs here where the in laws or someone else from the family is supposed to gift makeup baskets etc to the bride but usually, people consider it like a task and actually ask the bride to buy the makeup herself and simply pay for it. :P Which is quite practical but not as thoughtful as this. :)

    1. We do that as well! But its mostly for the engagement. We actually made Kays gift trays at home and just gave them to the boys to hand over at the party!

  2. Great idea to make someone feel welcome and the basket looks awesome!


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