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Our Favourite Apps!

Nigar has had a smart phone for a while now and I only recently joined the bandwagon (a year ago actually). I was too loyal to my Blackberry with a keypad to let go, but when that phone died, it was time to move on. The one great thing about smartphones are the apps. So many and for practically anything. We both hate iPhones and so have chosen to be on the android platform #goteamandroid 
This is a list of our free apps from the Google Play Store (except one but it's worth paying for). 

Instagram: Love this app, one of our most used app I would say! Great for sharing photos/videos and stalking others :D 

Whatsapp: Free for 6 month then you pay 60 pence a year. Yep 60 pence! This app is worth paying for as you can use it anywhere in the world for free (while on WiFi). A great way to communicate via chat, send pictures, videos and audio files. It automatically shrink your picture files so they don't use a lot of data if you're not using this app on WiFi. 

PhotoGrid: I use this a lot before putting photos through Instagram as then your photos do not need to be cropped. Also great for when making collages and some basic editing. 

This photo would normally have to be cropped to fit in Instagram, but on  PhotoGrid it allows your full sized photo to enter the Instagram grid with no cropping. 
VSCO Cam and Candy Cam: I use both of this to edit my pictures. I use VSCO more for playing with the contrast and temperature and Candy for its filters. Both are great to have.

Above is the original picture, the one below I've upped the contrast, changed the temperature to cool and reduced the exposure and voila you end up with a better picture. 

Amazon, Ebay and Asos: these 3 apps make shopping on your phone so easy that you can easily shop when you're half asleep. 

P Tracker/ My Calender: I use these both to track my menstrual cycle. They're both really easy to use and if you have a regular cycle then it's pretty dead accurate. You can also add little notes for certain days which includes moods and symptoms. I don't know why I have to use 2 but for some reason I do and they're both great. They both come with a backup option which I recommend as then if you lose your phone or it dies or you need to do a factory reset you info is saved and you can just re-add them from the backup. 

Flashlight: This is like having a torch on your phone. It also have a strobe light option. Great for  when you're stuck in the dark and need some light.

Google Hangouts: This is like Skype but better. You can video call up to 10 people at the same time, use it for sending messages, to voice call, send files and so on. You can also have the Hangout app on your laptop.

Google Maps: I love this app. We use it as our navigation system when we're going to new places, you can use it to find you're nearest supermarket/takeaway/service station/hotel/whatever when you're in new places. You can use it when abroad on GPS to find out where you are and it will bring up the map of the area you're in (zoom out for more of the map to load). This is really nifty because it means you can use it even though you have no WiFi and no mobile data. (Always turn off your mobile data when abroad or you will be charged stupid amount of monies).

Pinterest: For those of us who love pinning. I really like this app and use it a lot when I am bored and have nothing else to do. Highly addictive. They also have the most obscure items on there, plus you can add your own pins from your own blog or from anywhere else. A great place to find diys, as well as recipe and inspirations for your next party. You can also create boards to save your pins on and have secret boards if you're working on something top secret. 

Google Keep: This is great for writing memos and keeping notes. You can separate thoughts by colours and even add pictures with your notes. I have a memo with the name Christian Gargallo on there but  I don't know why......Obviously it was important for me to remember it that's why I wrote it down but no idea! If that names means something to you then please let me know. Really good for writing out blog post ideas, shopping lists and quick notes (I write down some of my diy recipes so I don't forget them later, as I am quite organic in the kitchen and add things as I feel like and then later forgot all I added). 

We also use the Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Gmail and Outlook apps a lot but as those are basics apps everyone uses we've left them out of the list.
What are some of your most used apps? Any of ours make your cut? Have a favourite that's not here? Share below and we will check them out. 

*All apps downloaded for free (except Whatsapp which we paid for after our free trial period). Not paid to mention any of these apps. We genuinely use and love them.


  1. I also use almost the same apps mentioned here.. They have made our life so much simpler :)

  2. Great app suggestions. I have some but I'll have to check some of the other ones out!


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