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Redecoration | Nigar's Bedroom

The last time I did my room was when I was around 16 - that makes it 6 years. I have changed a lot since then. It used to be purple with cream carpet. Then I changed it to red walls, red ceiling, black furniture with brown laminated flooring and a red desk. I wanted a 'boudoir' look, think sexy draping and rich colours. But it ended up looking very .. angry. And with no draping. Plus I never got round to buying proper curtains (lets forget the 6 years), and have paper thin curtains, which has, in a way, helped me get accustomed to sleeping through bright days. I blame my bad moods on the colour of room. And lighting, OMG. Such a nightmare. I can't be on webcam without looking like a witch, very green! The red literally drinks in my light. I have a few mirrors, more than a few, dotted on two walls, but it doesn't do that much. 

So finally this year mom agreed to let me re-do my room, and as you do, I turned to Pinterest. And IKEA. 

This is my room as it is right now. I would have done the bed, but you deserve to see how I really live. :)

It's pretty empty as we're expecting the builder to come round to fix my ceiling, there's a crack running across it, so I've moved all the unnecessary things out. My bed is new, hence why its white, and is staying to go with my paler new colour scheme. 

Leirvik Bed frame; £75
This was such a hassle. It was in like parts, had to go to different sections of the warehouse bit, and could not figure out how to add the slacks at the end. Figured it out though.
I want something along the lines of this in terms of colours and theme.

I love everything about this room!
I think I'm going for vintage/industrial chic. I think. I don't know how its all going to pan out.
There are a few things I know I defo want to this room. I would like to have a few metal pieces of furniture around, to go with the bed. Probably not my desk as I always hit my limbs off my desk, and adding metal into that sum is just asking for it. 

This beauty is coming home. I have no space for it next to my bed but I'll find space for it.
The Vettre Bedside Table; £25

This here is a must. I want to add a pop of colour to my room using a faux deer head. Also, I need a place to hang my tiaras up after a long day. 
or this. 
I adore this light contraption. I have been looking for a while on how I can recreate this. It shall be done! 
And this one! Defo getting an Edison light bulb.
You can buy this kit! Here.
How cute is this!! Totally making this.
Found from Pinterest.
I would love something like this for my desk, or around it at least. I need to make friends with a carpenter!
Found via Pinterest 

I also bought a vintage filing cabinet, which I will be sprucing up! Still deciding on the colour, and need to go to B&Q. I will document how that goes. 

Do you guys have any other ideas of cute things to add to my long list of stuff to get/make? Please share! 


  1. I'm not the best at decoration so I'm not going to give any tips, but I like all your ideas :)

  2. How about a nice curtain? Looking forward to the renovation posts!


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