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WELLNESS DIARIES: a few Detox days: Day 2

I started off day 2 with a green juice: pineapple, green apple, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and kale. If you're looking for a nice tasting green juice to try then I recommend this one.

Followed by a red berry tea. It's nice as nice as herbal teas can be really. I don't find herbal teas very pleasant to be honest. I only drink them because of their antioxidant benefits. In my books herbal teas are either drinkable or not. 
herbal tea

I had a paleo pancake with strawberries and honey for "lunch". My pancakes keep breaking lately. I think I am turning them too soon? If you know why they are breaking please let me know! 

paleo pancakes

I oiled my hair and gave myself a massage with the head massager. If you don't have  one then I highly recommend you get one. They're £1 from the pound shops. 

hair oil and hair massage

"Lunch" was 2 bowls of masoor dal, with home made mango pickles and chillies (my aunty makes the best pickles ever).

masoor daal, red lentils

I wanted to take a hot bath and use a Lush bubble bar. I love this one. I love all Lush stuff to be honest. Sometimes I just go to the store and take a big whiff and feel all happy inhaling all those beautiful scents. Does anyone else do that? 

Lush bubble bar

I body brushed first. If you have never done this then what are you waiting for? Click here on how to

dry body brushing

I threw in a tub of Epsom salt, to make this into a detox bath.

detox bath

Mixed a face mask and applied on face: Mango butter, coconut oil and bentonite clay, plopped in the bath for 30 mins and relaxed. Made my face baby butt soft. 

bentonite clay mask diy

All while listening to my favourite relaxation music. Tibetian Singing Bowls!

jbl speakers, nexus 4

Relaxed with a green smoothie later on: orange and mango juice

green smoothie

I drank some coconut water during the day and had a couple of cups of herbal teas. Also had another can of Coke. Not the end of the world. Whatever makes you feel good, and Cola makes me feel VERY good :D 
Although it's now 23:25 and I am feeling very peckish.......I'll update with what I eat....

edit: I had some oven baked chips, so good! 

Day  3 coming up tomorrow. 


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