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DIY | BODY SCRUBS: The Ultimate Coffee Scrub

DIY Frank's coffee scrub

Before I whipped this up I was convinced it wasn't going to do that much because a) hello, it's just coffee and b) it's pretty hard to beat my favourite body scrub. So I trailed it on other people first; Nigar and the hubby. They both said how "clean" they felt afterwards. And then I was like well I wanna feel clean. Know what I mean? Probably not ...

This is totally inspired by the Frank's coffee scrub that Instagram went crazy for a little while ago. At 15 dollars a pouch it is on the less pricey side of scrubs but come on do you know how many batches of these I can whip up for 15 dollars? A LOT 

Scrubs are one of those products that I never purchase because the DIY versions are so much better, not to mention cheaper. I really enjoy whipping up concoctions in my kitchen, there's just something so deeply gratifying in the process. 

Anyhoo, this coffee scrub is messy, so use in the shower. You will end up feeling like you have new skin, as it exfoliates and moisturises in a less oily way than my other favourite. Coffee on the skin is also great for combating cellulite. 


Ground coffee: 2 tbsp
Almond oil: however much you like
Sugar:1 tbsp
Salt: 1 tbsp
Essential oil of your choice: a few drops (I want to smell like grapefruits so I'm going to use that)
Vitamin E capsules: 2 (optional) 

To be honest I don't actually measure things out, I just add things to what I feel like so feel free to do the same.

DIY Frank's coffee scrub

DIY Frank's coffee scrub

DIY Frank's coffee scrub
Take that Frank's coffee scrub....

Mix all in a bowl, hop in the shower, scrub and rinse. All done. 
Now touch your skin, you'll keep wanting to touch it for a while....

Have a great week guys. 
Are you a scrub person? What is your favourite? 
TRY this and share your thoughts below 

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