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OOTD | Office Wear

So I've experimented with my office wear over the past few weeks for my internship. Sorry for not posting! Its difficult to take my own pictures and most of the time I was so exhausted I just couldn't be asked! And I wore a lot of the same outfits. 

I did notice towards the end that I was gravitating towards a shirt, jumper and jeans/trousers. This OOTD is basically just remastered everyday using one of my many blouses/shirts and jumpers. Warmth and style! 

New Look from a couple of years ago. No point investing in a new coat this year, at least not yet.
I love everything oversized. And if a jumper is oversized, then we're perfect for each other. From H&M - old.
Jeans from Zara
 Necklace and shoes both from New Look
Face of the day! 
Lipstick was MAC in Hug Me. 

Laters guys!  :D

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