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Three Things Thursday | Mauritius Edition

This weeks 3 Things Thursday will be based on things I cannot wait to do when I'm in Mauritius.
NOTE: All photos are from 2009!

1. Street food.
I think everyone who travels back home, wherever that may be, looks forward to street food. We have this thing called confi (sp?), which is basically mangos, pineapple and cucumber, that has been kept in this salty water, and then they put it into a bag and add chillies and salt to it. BEST THING EVER! If you guys haven't tried your fruits with salt and chillies, you are missing out bro. Go do it now. 
Ok, so this was pineapple with PIMA! (chillies). Yummmmmm

2. Beaches
I mean come on. 
Will share better photos than this I swear. Also we know that random guy giving a thumbs up, he's not as creepy as he seems ;)

3. Hang out with family
We don't have that much family here, not as much as most my other brown friends for sure. So it's always nice to go see them. And I mean all of them. I love just sitting down with my Nana in his sweet shop and just talking, or even just sitting there. Language can be a bit of a barrier for me at times. I've never forgotten how to speak creole, but I do find that I add a few english words here and there when I'm not thinking about it. 
The great thing is that there are so many people whose houses I can go stay at, that I'm hoping not to get bored!
We hired a bus. To go to a beach resort. A BUS! Can you spot Kay?

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. Do check them out!


  1. Wow, your vacation looks like so much fun!! I've never been to Mauritius but I really want to one day. And the confi sounds amazing! You should do a blog post on how to make it so we can try it out at home. Glad to have to linking up to #3thingsthursday, especially while you're on vacation! (p.s. You made some changes to your blog? Looks great)

  2. Love these pictures! And the fact that you rented a bus to transport your family! By the way, I have a minor in Linguistics, and one of the few things I remember from my degree (ha!) is how awesome creole languages are!

  3. mmM yes street food! It's the one thing I can't wait to have when we touch down in India. Your trip to Mauritius looks lovely!

  4. I do spot Kayennat! on the left with the black bag, right? Have fun you two! I'm going home in another week too (to New Delhi, I work in Singapore) Cant wait to see my family!

    1. Even I didn't spot me! Nigar had to show me where I was lol


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