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Travel Diaries | What I packed - Clothes

We're going to Mauritius over the Christmas holidays. I'm going for a significantly long time compared to mommy and Kay. I'm going for 57 days, or 1 month 27 days, or 8 weeks (rounded down). ooooooooooo! We are still hoping to blog, so don't worry guys! Mom and Kay will join me both individually. 

This post will be on what I am taking with me, along with a checklist for you guys to use if you need to! Lets keep a few points in mind before I start though:
1. I'm brown, so we have to prepare for events such as weddings, engagements, khatams, and other such asian things. 
2. I'm an over packer. I like being prepared for whatever I need to do.
3. It's easier to pack for a shorter holiday, so please take that into consideration! For such a long holiday there's so many variables, and let's not forget that wearing the same outfit 20 times will just kill me! I'm not a capsule wardrobe kinda girl. 

Lets get onto the outfits! (I've tried to link all the recent purchases)

 Short Dresses

Boohoo || Asos | Forever 21
| Asos | H&M| Asos |

Long Dresses

 Primark |  Forever 21 | Asos | H&M


 New Look | Forever 21 | New Look | Boohoo | Boohoo 


 New Look | Primark | New Look | New Look 

Primark | Asos | Asos


H&M | Select | Asos

H&M | New Look

Asian Outfits

 Lengha - Handmade by Kay's MIL | Sari - Utsav 

 Anarkali - India | Salwar Kameez - India

Salwar Kameez- Handmade; Handmade; India

Swimwear & Sarongs 
Sarongs -  Primark | Asos | Primark
Swimsuit - Very | Very | Mauritius


  Primark | TK Maxx | River Island | Primark

 Primark | New Look | New Look | H&M

 Asos | H&M | H&M | Asos

 Noisey May (Via Asos) | Asos  | Asos

Dear lord thats a lot. I haven't mentioned intimates, workout gear and sleepwear, but they are coming along. 
I got vaccum bag which are life savers! Also, there may be additional items coming along, depends how I feel within the next few hours! 
This time tomorrow I shall be sleeping my last sleep in England for 2014! :0

Laterrrrs x


  1. Love everything. Especially your tops and swimwear!

  2. This is such a fun post and I know it sounds weird, but it felt good to look at the clothes and be like: 'Oh, i remember this from your OOTD' :)

  3. Looking forward to the OOTD posts!
    BTW, where's the blue anarkali from? Love it!

    1. Anya, it was from a random store in Karol Bagh (the ones that sells makeup and clothes). I'd gotten it for 1200 rupees......BARGAIN! It's so pretty in person and the fabric super soft.


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